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Born and raised in the land of unexpected treasures (Brunei Darussalam), Akhmal is a freelance creative artist a & lifestyle blogger, graduated with a FIRST CLASS HONOURS DEGREE in BA Professional Communications & the Media in UBD, who has a heart for communication, photography, theatre, art/design and travel. He was one of the invited TEDx Speakers for TEDxGadong sharing his ideas in incorporating the 5 EXPs (Explore, Experiment, Experience, Express, Expose) in Making Contemporary Performing Arts. 

ACADEMICAkhmal has been blessed with academic achievements in his studying years. His recent achievements include the Dean's List (awarded in March 2017), the Vice Chancellor's List nomination TWO years in a row (awarded in August 2015 & February 2016) for being one of the top students in his university & Book Prize Award (awarded in September 2015) for being Top 1 in his course. Other awards include Top Student Award for his A'Level - School Category, PTEM Valedictorian Award and Top Student in A'Level Psychology (all awarded in 2013). 

He underwent a discovery year programme in University of Southampton, UK studying Neuroscience & Linguistics, as well as, National University of Singapore, being the only student sent to the prestigious institution (No. 1 university in Asia) studying film art, media, acting & contemporary theatre.

PERFORMING: While studying professional communication and the media as his major, Akhmal has also been heavily involved with performing in film and theatre. He had his first breakthrough in 2009-2010 where he was casted as the lead role in a play directed by RTB for His Majesty the Sultan and the members of the royal family. Since entering UBD, he has been a member of UBD Performing Arts Club (@ubd.pac), some of his works include:

  • "Lullabies" for PAC Alive 2 (2014) - dancer, co-choreographer
  • Covert (2014) for UBD Film Festival - actor (lead role)
  • "Y.A.Y.O. You Are Your Own" for Voices Within (2014) - co-director, playwright
  • Kuriose (2015) - dancer, choreographer, creative director
  • TragicForm (2015), National University of Singapore, Singapore - actor
  • TW!STED (2016) - actor, dancer, choreographer, director, producer, playwright
  • Red Umbrella (2017) - co-director, co-producer, actor

He acted in a contemporary play named TragicForm (2015) as Creon directed by Natalie Hennedige, the creative director of Cake Production. Akhmal studied acting theories and practice mentored by Singaporean actress Nora Samosir and performer/lecturer Dr. Maiya Murphy. Recently, he has been unanimously elected as the president of UBD Performing Arts Club (2016-2017). Akhmal also directed, co-produced and wrote a play, 'TW!STED' (2016), which garnered national's attention and got him to speak for TEDxGadong (http://www.tedxgadong.com/akhmal-aiman) for his achievement. His recent projects include an acting workshop for a national college (KUPUSB).

PHOTOGRAPHY: Akhmal is specialised in fashion editorial and art photography. His recent achievement in fashion photography was a showcase in GRADUATE FASHION WEEK 2016 in EAST LONDON, as part of a collaboration with a Bruneian fashion undergrad @hzno. In art photography, Akhmal's photography aesthetic is abstract, experimental and thought-provoking. His debut portfolio "The Art of the Mind/Vision of the Depressed" was nominated for UBD STREET SHUTTER EXHIBITION 2015 and had granted him with an A+ grade. He is currently doing an independent project named "AVID" (Instagram: @its.avid)

FILM: In addition to studying film art and aesthetics in NUS, Akhmal made his first film directing debut in 2017, in collaboration with a local director, Zefri Ariff. His debut short film, Nuri (2017), is now available for viewing on Youtube: 

BOOK: Akhmal's an avid reader and a book collector. He constantly updates his reading progress on Goodreads (link on the sidebar).


Business enquiries or collaborations are welcome. Simply e-mail your request to akhmalaiman.21@gmail.com. Our team will get back to you shortly afterwards.

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