Akhmal Shares: Favourite Fashion Photography Sites

With the availability of the internet these decades, finding your inspiration to do your work is so easy with just a click away. Lately I have been browsing new websites to go to (that includes online shops, of course). As I want to pursue fashion photography, here are some of my favourite editorial websites. I do subscribe/check them daily, but some are only when I feel like I want to be inspired.


1) Ben Trovato

Ben Trovato features new-and-upcoming fashion editorial photographers, and it's interesting to see what they have new in store for us in the industry.


2) Park & Cube

I have featured this in one of my previous posts. My ultimate favourite, most definitely. I do check them weekly.


3) Haute Macabre

Not exactly my cup of tea, but once in a while, I like some of the gothic retouching. 


4) The Glamourai

Not necessarily a fashion photography website. It is a style website, and it features trends and other fashion tips as well. You might want to look at it. I like the gentleness of most of the pictures.


5) Annas Easkey Photography

Annas Easkey is probably one of the many reasons why I wanted to pursue fashion/photography. Annas is Malaysian-based photographer, and it would be a distinct honour to meet him in person (or even work for him!). This is his website, although he does not regularly update it, I subscribe to his Facebook and Instagram. I like to see his behind the scene photos. You know, to get the "feel" as if I was there.

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