Akhmal Packs: For Thailand

Despite being excited to finally go travel again, today I feel kind of a little jetlagged. I spent my 'packing' days going out and about, running errands. My flight to Thailand will be tomorrow morning, and I instantly had a headache this morning knowing I had made zero progress.

Besides, I stayed up a little last night wanting to watch the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony, but I missed it. I was too exhausted.

It is no surprise that it even took me about ten to fifteen minutes deciding what colour should my luggage be. lol. Nevertheless, in the end I picked brown as it is my favourite colour.

Packing is truly my least favourite part of traveling. I can never learn how to pack light. 

Knowing it's Thailand, with the weather not very much different from Brunei, I decided to bring mostly casual summer wear, i.e. shorts, shades, and T-shirts. 

And of course, calculator, which will come handy during my shopping. 

Here's a packing trick I can give you. It is a habit of mine and it works like magic:

Instead of folding the thin clothings and undergarments, roll them. It leaves much more space.

I finished packing an hour ago and it is only half full. 

Works all the time.

Well you guys, I hope I will get to blog during my stay in Thailand. Do check my blog daily. Pray for us and I will see you again ;)

Khap kun khap.

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