Akhmal Travels: Dream World (Thailand Day 2)

Sawaddee Khrap, readers. I apologise for bailing on you all yesterday, I was simply exhausted, so as the internet connection.

As promised, here's another post of Thailand.

Day 2.

It's about time to go to an amusement park again. When was the last time I went to one? I have not been to Jerudong Park after its renovation.

For that reason, I wore just a simple H&M stripes T-shirt (Thanks to Rasyidah Asmali for the gift) and Topman shorts. I had with me an extra T-shirt and a towel as well. It's an amusement park, you would understand.

Dream World was 45 minutes away from our hotel. Took that time to catch up on some zzz's in the car.

We were welcomed with just the sight of colourful decorations of flowers, but that was about it. I was slightly disappointed initially, but just when our ride stopped at the main entrance.


It has around 30-40 rides and we only had to pay around $20-$30 Brunei dollars to play all of them. The place was simply a wonderland. It was awesome.

Here are some pictures for you. 

Yes, I rode that roller coaster... First roller coaster ever. Pity. It wasn't as extreme as the normal roller coaster, but it's ok, I guess. Although it was a little bit too short. I think it hardly managed half a minute.

Before that I rode the 'Hurricane'. Now THAT was extreme.

Other than that, we simply walked around and took pictures everywhere.

(Above) The giant house. All furnitures in it are gigantic.

It truly was a relaxing and friendly place for families.

Cable cars from one end to the other. Amazing.


A must-have section, obviously... DINNER

Ikan bakar


Will post the 3rd day soon. Goodnight :-)

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