Akhmal Travels: Safari World (Thailand Day 4)

Day 4.

Spent this day with nature, being in the woods. Well, kind of.

Safari World.

It's a decent place for the animal lovers, truly, the place's so vast we hardly knew where we were heading most of the time. Since we spent all day in Safari World, we didn't mind getting lost.

I can't quite recall how much the tickets cost, but I think it's around B$ 20-30 per adult. The place took us around 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach the place. It's quite a distance, actually.


Let me tell you one thing about the animals though: They're super photogenic. I mean, LOOK!

See? They smiled for the camera a lot.

They're quite intelligent, too. Animal shows are scheduled daily and we got to watch four shows that day: Orang Utan, Elephant, Sea Lion & Dolphin Show.

Very very entertaining.

And, it's ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to ride an elephant in Thailand.

 Yeap. Did that one.

She's rather a very cute one, there weren't any massive ones. It did cost me 200 baht (B$ 8) to ride one. Trust me, though, it was worth it :)

There were other highlights I didn't get to take a photo of, like:
1) Watching two white tigers mate (lol!)
2) When my hand got kissed by the ever romantic Orang Utan
3) Chasing down a lone duck wandering around the park

Despite the heat, it was a great place to visit for leisure every once in a while. If you're ever planning to go to Thailand, spend a day here. Take a break from all the shopping, enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Personal survival tips:
1) Powerbank = VERY handy
2) Have a light snack with you


Finally, credits to: Nazurah Noor, Izah Mohammad, Halawati Rahman for the photography assistance throughout the trip

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