Akhmal Travels: Sawaddee Khrap (Thailand Day 1)

Sawaddee Khrap, readers. I apologise for the lack of updates for the past few days, I've been... well, traveling. And the wifi at our place of stay has just been replaced to a new one. I'll do my best to blog daily now, so, do anticipate and check my blog late at night every night.

Day 1.

(Above) Look appetising, is it not? The label on the top right though. lol. There's a night market every night along the streets of Ramkhamhaeng. A good sight to look at, but the smell might be challenging for some to take in.

(Below) First time ever Khlong Saen Saep boat ride.


Bangkapi shopping mall. Those sales though. Just too fascinated and astonished with the tremendous SALE they were having. CRAZY! Too bad I was too amazed I bought nothing. I even let myself pass by the H&M store. 


Nighttime, the most anticipated part of Thailand: Dinner

Som Tam: Mango salad

Pad Thai

The favourite Thai ABC.

Verdict on the food? SPICY AS F*CK.


Personal survival tips:
1) If you are not keen on the smell of night market, just be prepared.
2) Spicy food EVERYWHERE. every. where.
3) Again, Halal food is quite tight. You need to know EXACTLY where to eat for your dinner. Make sure you plan well.
4) 7/11 is ALWAYS there on every nook and corner :) Thank God for 7/11!

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