Akhmal Travels: To Thailand (Departure & Arrival)

Sawaddee Khrap.

The day has arrived. Day one of another adventure to a new, foreign country. As this is my first time, my day started with a mix of feelings: anxiety, ecstasy, etc.

Everything went smoothly during our departure. I even had an interview with a journalist from Brunei Times, as this trip is organised by UBD Sawaddee Club.

The flight took us nearly three hours before its arrival at Bangkok, Thailand. I spent half of my time sleeping in the plane and the other half reading. 

Trust me when I say I was fascinated with the view of a long stretch of a river and vast (which I believe were) Padi fields in Thailand from above.

I was already overwhelmed with the exotic language on signboards upon arrival and had my first "Oh, sorry, I don't speak Thai" which definitely needs more improvement. That will be taken care of, I hope.

Am currently staying in a Muslim hotel, Aleaf, in Rhakhamhaeng. It is new and perfect, knowing there is a shopping mall just across the road and McDonald's next to it (Too bad later I found it's not Halal, that's a bummer). Amazing how the receptionist can speak Malay as well! Quite friendly, really...

A complete charm: A deluxe room (double bed) with an exquisite balcony view... ALL TO MYSELF. 

And it's sponsored by the embassy. It doesn't cost me a penny! How lovely.

Gotta have to unpack little by little now, 'til next post (very soon, actually). Do keep updated ;)


Personal survival tips: 

1) Bring a universal adapter. The socket is different from ours in Brunei.
2) Wifi is hard to find in shopping malls. Purchase a prepaid sim card (available at the airport itself just for 299 baht, which is around B$11 Brunei dollar).
3) Your chance of finding Halal food here is a bit tight. Do your research beforehand.
4) Bottled water from home is essential.

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