Akhmal Updates: September Events, etc.

Hello! It is definitely one of those days where I feel like updating. Just to share with everyone what to expect in the upcoming weeks/months.

To start with, I will be spending my mid-semester break in Tokyo, Japan for 9 days. That's something to look forward to, especially knowing it's Fall season.

More travel photography coming from me next month then!


And then I'm invited to the Brunei Fashion & Beauty Bloggers High Tea, looking forward to meeting a lot of fashion/blogging enthusiasts! Of course, gonna have to dress to kill.


Two upcoming stage performances at the end of this year (TBC). Eeep! Actually, there's also a community theatre during my mid-semester break, but... I won't be here, so... 


Well, those are the current big events I can think of. Hopefully there will be more coming :)

Anyhow, hope everyone is having a wonderful time this month. I've been attending classes everyday, as per usual, and I can't be anymore happier. The amount of stress is just about right. Feels good to do Arts (Drama & Media) and Science (Maths & Physics) at the same time.  
(My geeky side is showing a little there. lol.)

Alright, until here. And here's a picture/poster I made for my Performing Arts club.

Photographed & mask was done form scratch by yours truly.

Inspired by Dorian Gray & Jay Gatsby.

Narcissistic. Egoistic. Seductive. 
Proud of his own beauty it destroys him.

...and yes, those are real glass shards

Till here.

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