Akhmal Packs: For Japan

I'm doing this in advance, because let's face it: it is the only way for me to actually START packing. Other than that, I'm in enough hell. The WiFi at home is not working at all. 

OK. Let's do this.


In 4 days time, I'll be standing on the land of the rising sun. That's right, Japan. 

I'm lucky enough to witness autumn in Japan this year, although, Spring in Japan would be fanciful though - cherry blossoms - now that would be blog-worthy, right? Maybe next time, when I get the hang of the environment.

After hours of debate with my peers, we came to zero conclusion on the predictability of the weather. The temperature, especially, is quite unpredictable this time around. Some believe we'll be breathing out ice (lol! to that) and some say it is just about summer-ish.  Nevertheless, I'm allowing myself to bring bigger options with my clothing this time.

Which ultimately means one thing: bigger luggage. Ugh.

I am talking about coats, knitted sweaters, thin scarves & slim fit chinos. Not bad for autumn, right?

Definitely bringing my leather jacket and some plain tee's, who knows I might find them useful once I've reached Tokyo.
Now shoes, where do I start? After a thoughtful "which shoes to bring" deliberation, I keep my shoes at a minimum of three options.......... perhaps? (Discreetly planning my last-minute final shoe- deliberation).

All travelers need 'THAT' pair of shoes, you know what I'm talking about. So, I'm bringing my comfy primrolls with me. The suede dress shoes for my formal occasions in Tokyo (I have to do work too, ok?) and perhaps, another pair or two.


I swear I do not know what to expect. I do not know if I could cope, especially, with Japanese customs. Looks like someone hasn't done his homework. 

It's that pre-traveling anxiety, you'd understand.

I'll sort it out.

I hope.


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  1. your photography skill's on point, and the shades r so YOU! :*

  2. Amal; Nawww thanks Amal! Stay beautiful :*