Akhmal Shares: Brunei Fashion/Beauty Bloggers High Tea

September is, in fact, the month of fashion.

Shoutout to my favourite fashion blogger, Chaby. Evidently, he's enjoying his September.

London Fashion Week is happening at the moment. Last week was New York Fashion Week. And I've been busy doing analysis on the politics of fashion as my assignment.

And nope, I am not complaining.

Last Friday afternoon, I attended the Brunei Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Bloggers high tea and it was just what I needed. It was intimidating at first, knowing that most of these people have more experience than I am in that department. But in the end, it felt really good to know we all have the same interest and we went along just right. I can safely say that these people are my inspiration. I truly felt belong.

Dress in white button-ups (Ezra by Zalora), navy pants (Kei&Kori) & beige suede shoes (Jaxon) for the special occasion.


As my sign of gratitude, this post is dedicated especially to each and every one of them, and have some time to visit their blog. They're exceptionally amazing! 


by Ainul Apri

 If you haven't checked out Wander with Ainul, you've been missing out, perhaps, one of the many fashionable people I know in Brunei. Not only this woman dresses to impress, she has a heart of gold. Ainul was the host of the high tea and I couldn't be anymore happier with the fact that she had a thought to invite me. Thank you very much!

Her blog comprises of mostly OOTDs. Very helpful especially in how to mix/match the clothes in your wardrobe. Excellent stuff here!


by Amal Saima

Bubbly and humble, Amal Saima is an outstanding beauty blogger. You would love to have her around.

Amal's blog consists mostly of make-up tutorials, equipped with full step-by-step videos. Her touches are so delicate and her beauty/make-up tutorials are absolutely splendid.


by Afiqah & Amal Kasmirhan

One of my ultimate favourite blogs. I especially love the travel diary run by two sisters, Afiqah & Amal. It so happened that Afiqah could not join us the other day. Amal looked really lovely, especially her most adorable teddy bear bag. hehe.

I'm also in love with the way they write the blog, the English is spot on!


by Gladys

Gladys is the ideal example of beauty with brain. We had a really good talk about UBD and how we agreed on a lot of things! She kept my hopes high and what a source of inspiration she is! Gladys runs a beauty blog. Do check it out.



Another smart fashion-slash-lifestyle blogger. She's funny as well. If only I had more time talking to her though. Hehe... Her blog is amazing!


by Mas Nona

Could not stop our hardcore Mean Girls references now, could we? lol. Nona is a hilarious lifestyle blogger and love how enthusiast she was to see me perform, although just like most of them, they have to fly off soon to start their new semester. Will definitely hang out with her more.


by Mu'izz Khalid

The boy in a green pants.

Preppy is this fashion blogger's personal style preference and he dressed rather polished with a few classic touches. Everyone remembers his "I can't pin it to my shirt, Amal, it's limited edition." Lol. 


by Shi Min

Ok... Let me tell you this: THIS GIRL IS SUPER AMAZING. AMAZING! I love her modern-chic-sophisticated style. She dressed up in an all-white attire and she looked divine! You guys should check out her instagram page: @Discofissh - it's breathtaking.

We had a heart-to-heart talk about school as well. Oh, did I mention she's taking A'level AND she designs her own clothes? (!!!!) Love you, Min!


by Yazz Omran

I swear every head would turn to her whenever wherever, she has THE face. And as soon as she spoke, oh dear god, AMAZING. I didn't have time to talk to her personally though, which was sad :( But, it's alright, hopefully we will be able to collaborate together one day. Amazing beauty blog she runs!


by Fifi H. Hasman

Where do I start with Fifi? She is a combination of sugar, spice and everything nice. Just like me, we're both into photography (although with our own personal style). I adore her and will always do. I have my dibs on her to collaborate with in the media industry. Film, photography, writing, travel, you name it.

Fifi is simply talented. Love her to death! Do check her VSCO portfolio, she takes excellent photos.


'Till here.

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  1. Your blog is an inspiration to me :) I wish to follow your path one day.

  2. Anon; thank you very much, anon! I'm very pleased to hear that I inspire people like you. Don't give up and be persevere ;) God bless.

  3. Hi Akhmal! Super sweet of you to write this up. Have fun with your little misadventures in Japan hehehe

    1. naww haha... thank you love. stay in touch please xx

  4. Thanks for the inspiring blog :) i wish i could be like you :( - Sheryl