Akhmal Travels: Odaiba, Japan

Here I am, sitting in my hotel room alone by the window, overlooking a perfect night view of Tokushima. Unlike Tokyo, this place is so SO calm.

Anyway, more on that later on.

We started off with a grand breakfast courtesy of our hotel, and oh wow, we were treated like royalties! It's divine.

I had pancakes, halal sausages, steamed carrots and cabbages & an orange juice.

Good thing that I had just enough rest on the night before to start the day.

Following the itinerary, we decided to visit two places in Odaiba (a man-made Island). It didn't look/feel like it was.

Goodness, Japan, you're filled with surprises.


You know how Japan is prone to earthquakes and yada yada yada, so, we had a rather interesting educational trip to Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park.

How is this interesting?

Well you see, it's no ordinary "educational" trip with briefings and all. But we watched a good emotional anime and went through a simulation.

We got to experience THE earthquake itself and trained how to survive the first 72 hours.

Oh, another shocking factor here...

We were given ourselves a Nintendo DS (for free as a GIFT!)

HAH. I wish.

It ended nicely with an excellent rooftop garden experience overlooking the whole island.

Another shot with the beautiful Sarah ;)


12.00 noon

Decided to have an Indonesian-cuisine feast at Aqua City Mall, Odaiba. It was later around 1 pm that the weather started to be a bit gloomy and windy.

Well you should've guessed by now that Akhmal Aiman wouldn't want to miss the autumn feel! The breeze was so perfect for an outdoor stroll. 

Here's my look for today (OOTD):

Hat: WeGo from Harajuku
Trench Coat: Zara Men
Button-up shirt: Ezra by Zalora
Chinos: Topman
Dress shoes: Jaxon
Backpack: Polo

Yeap. I know what you were thinking.

Statue of liberty? 

I have no idea either. LOL. but HEY, if it's blog worthy, then why not, right?


3:15 pm

Went off to Tokushima. More on that tomorrow, probably. It's going to be a long day tomorrow, so I cannot guarantee a post.

We'll have to see.


Forgot to mention this on the previous post, but let's talk about 
Personal survival tips (Japan):

1) Language barrier; It's Japan, it's no shock that the people and the signs are in Japanese. Have with you a small Japanese-English reference book to help you cope with it.

2) Universal Adapter; Just like in Thailand, they have their own special pin thingy.

3) Finding Halal food is the hardest here. I really insist you to do your research beforehand OR you can pack some dry food from home. I really mean it.

4) Customs and etiquettes; This is utterly important. Honestly, this is NO joke. Learn it, memorise it, be part of it. Japanese are very keen on their cultural etiquette. if you do it right, they'd response to it right. If you don't, well, good luck with that.

5) A few or NO waste baskets in public spaces; There's a reason why Japan is listed as one of the cleanest places.

6) Toilet; Japanese people have their own way of handling the toilet. If you're lucky enough, you'll get the automatic one. With buttons and all. 

Till here.

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