Akhmal Travels: Streets of Tokyo + Harajuku Fashion Street (Japan Day 1)

Konbanwa, readers! Dono yo ni anata no kyo?

No words can describe how exhausted I am at this second, I have not had over 36 hours (almost 2 days) of sleep, not even in the plane both from Brunei to Singapore, and Singapore to Tokyo. I did not even had the chance to shower in more than 24 hours, imagine THAT. Filthy! GROSS!

But, a promise is a promise, and here's my first travelog for Japan this year!



8.00 am

After a sleepless 7-hour flight from Singapore, I finally reached Tokyo with a rough landing (ycuk!). The interior was fancy though. Had a TV screen for each seat even for the economy class. HAH! Finally watched The Fault in Our Stars over breakfast. 

And the weather. Autumn weather. Dear God, what's not to love about Autumn weather?

Oh Japan.

We stayed here for just one night before moving elsewhere tomorrow. It was a 45-minute drive from Haneda (Japan International Airport).

Here is the ever gorgeous Sarah, a fellow fashion/beauty enthusiast.

I will be featuring Sarah more in this travelog. She deserves it! 


5.00 pm

We finally settled down and had the chance to go roam around the streets nearby.


7.00 pm 

You could already imagine how fatigued I was. A cup of hot latter did the trick, of course. A cute place, too, I might add.

You pigs, I know you wanted to know what I had for dinner! I had halal chicken with sauce, salad and some steamed rice. 


7.30 pm

Because we were already pumped up, we left early for dinner and continued roaming around the streets of Tokyo. It was ultimately safe, you guys, even with the people (even little children) riding bikes here and there. 

I'd be the first one to admit, I hate having to wander around in sweat wherever it'd be. But with the autumn cold, I don't mind getting lost in hours! 


8.30 pm

Do you think we would miss the beauty of Tokyo fashion? Of course not.

Harajuku, Tokyo.

Yes. The fashion street of Tokyo itself.

If I had to cry, I would. If I had to faint, I would. If I had to DIE, I would! 

Japan street fashion is simply beyond words! People dressed in bright, daring clothes and it was BREATHTAKING.

Speaking of clothes, here's what I was wearing for the night:

Beanie: ASOS
Button-up shirt: Topman
Backpack: Polo
Chinos: from Brands Outlet
Sneakers: Ezra by Zalora
Guilty pleasure: Bought two items in Harajuku. I had to RESIST. Still better than buying the whole STREET, right?

First day and it was already eventful. I don't know how I can cope with the rest of the week.

Anyhow, what a great way to conclude the night with an ice-cream from Baskin Robbins, right?

Gotta sleep now.

Oyasuminasai :)

Thanks for helping out with the photography: Wafiqah Kamaruddin

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