Akhmal Acts: Y.A.Y.O. (You Are Your Own), Mariam 2.0 & My Child

Hello, readers! Hope everything is well on your side. Mine surely has its ups and downs. But I can cope.

My last post was about my dance performance, and I am very happy to hear nothing but good reviews and praises about the choreography! Even the co-founder of Relentless Brunei, Mardi, insisted on me joining Relentless. (Shoutout to Sarah for giving me the news). Haha.. I'll think about it.

Regardless, I can't be anymore ecstatic than I already am.

Photo of the group Lullabies (ABS: Jimbuii)

For those of you who wants to see a snippet of my performance, don't hesitate to add me up on Instagram: Akhmal.Aiman

Thank you, once again, to those who came and supported us. Surely, you'll see more of my choreography next semester! I'll probably need more dancers (wink wink).


So, Akhmal, what's up?

Just as the title suggests, and as what I have promised you in one of my previous posts, there is still ONE MORE PERFORMANCE coming up this year.

Yes, this is a part of my module work in university: AM-1401

We are doing an applied community theatre this time. Basically, our acts are based on communities in Brunei, especially non-government organisations. SMARTER Brunei, Pusan Al-Islah, AIDS Council, to name a few.

So, most certainly, we are doing this for a good cause: to raise awareness of their existence and their everyday struggle.

This time, not only will I play an ANTAGONIST in one of the acts, but I am the scriptwriter! A golden opportunity to add some 'spice' into my portfolio. The title of the play has been decided:

Y.A.Y.O. (You Are Your Own)

Yayo is also a slang for Cocaine. Thus, we are representing the drug rehabilitation Pusat Al-Islah.


As part of our assessments as well, I will be acting two short scenes from two great scriptwriters of two great plays entitled 'Mariam 2.0' and 'My Child' next week. 

Looks like someone is enjoying university.

Not quite, especially knowing the fact that exams are just 4 weeks away!


Nevertheless, I wish everyone well and see you next time!

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