Akhmal Performs: Contemporary Dance, PAC Live Concert 2014

It is about time for me to perform again!


This happens to be my DEBUT dance performance where I choreograph it (together with Sarah Jane Ward).

I've never had the chance to show a dance number with my original choreography, so I am very excited. Since this is also my first REAL performance under PAC (Performing Arts Club), I am only performing this one piece.

The dance itself is a very personal thing to me, based on my own "true" story.

It tells a story about a person who loss someone who promised a forever after, and the person can't seem to heal from the pain, battling with the monsters in his/her head.

So don't miss the chance to watch us perform, also featuring other PAC members: singers, dancers, instrumentalists, actors and even, poets!

It is open to public, with just $3 entrance fee. Come witness the im-PAC-cable and I'll see you there!!

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