Akhmal Travels: Akihabara, Sumida & Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Alhamdulillah, today , this blog is history. It has reached 10,000 pageviews in just 6 months! Thanks to everyone who visit. God bless!


It's the final day in Tokyo we desperately in need of a "life slo-mo button" the most. We had to run here and there, day to night, fidgeting (waiting for our event to finish) and later spending cash in such small amount of time.

Because apparently, most shops in Japan close at 8.

Eight (???)

It's no surprise that I was only able to grab a bag full of Forever 21 goodies (and nothing else).

Nevertheless, here are the highlights of the day.



If you're a techno-geek, Akihabara is the safest haven-slash-heaven you could go to. There stand a tall building, specialising in technology.

It's like the Hua Ho of technology, you know.

I managed to get what I wanted, including, Polaroid films (as cheap as $10 or less for 10 copies) and a memory card (I thought I lost mine, so, I bought another one).

(This was a test shot. Just one floor on mobile phones alone)

(Sarah Rafika looking ever so gorgeous in her leather skirt)



The Sumo district.

Nope, unfortunately, we didn't get to watch a Sumo tournament. We only had dinner here.

Give me a long stretch of dining outlets, then, I am IN (I kid.. Most restaurants don't serve Halal food)

We dined at Chanko Dining Ami Restaurant, a Sumo-themed restaurant. 

Not everyday you get to be fed like a Sumo wrestler. That being said, the portion of food is MASSIVE!

It was a cozy little place, really... (See the irony? A little place for sumo wrestlers. Lol to that).

The street itself is a fine place.

Outfit of the day
Leather Jacket: from Brands Outlet
T-shirt: Topman
Skinny Jeans: Bontton Denim
Shoes: Ezra by Zalora

And there's Hakim with his Kendama, a traditional Japanese toy. This, ladies and gentlemen, requires a great deal of practice.



Sure by now you've heard of that name before. It's THE place in Tokyo.

It's the central district in Tokyo with loads and loads and LOADS of shopping malls and stores. If only we had more time. IF ONLY. I mean, come on, we arrived at around 8.30pm (most shops were already closing down) and we had roughly 2 hours of shopping time before our curfew.

You do the math.

Anyhow, what's more important than shopping (I kid!) was that I got the chance to stand on THE spot. That's the ultimate evidence saying that "Hey! I'm actually in Japan right now!"


Overall, Japan = Sugoi/Amazing. It was one hell of a vacation. 

Patiently waiting for the next travel destination.
Where to?

Although for now, back to reality, let's get all the assignments done............ pssh

Shoutout to JICE and UBD for making this golden experience happen & to Group B teammates: "Mina-saaaaaaan, can you hear me?"

(Big thank you to Waled HM for the photography)

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