Films of City Frames

Just thought I could share with you a recently discovered short film, Ella, by NYU Tisch School of the Arts. This is a part of a project 'Films of City Frames' by Giorgia Armani, involving a series of amateur short films by six prestigious film schools around the globe.

This particular short film speaks to me, somehow. I'm quite in love with it.

Speaking of school, the semester's result is just a week away. To those who don't know, this semester ultimately determines where I will go for my Discovery Year next year August. I've been looking up universities online.

Let's hope my cGPA allows me to travel far. Although, I'll try not to keep my hopes very high. A bit of weight has been lifted off my shoulders, though, knowing that I have achieved an A for my Drama/Theatre Introductory class. Alhamdulillah.

Dream a little dream. Hope a little hope. Wish a little wish. It's ok.

Cheers. x

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