A Taste of Vanity: 7 Deadly Sins (Of Vanity)

Hello you guys. Wow... Don't get me started on how TIRED I've been these few weeks with school work.

I know I promised many on posting the long overdue 7 Sins post, because... well, I made a HUGE technical error during the photoshoot. I didn't check it properly and ended up with the photos being much much less than how I pictured them to be. 

Lesson learnt.

thus, fellow photographers, CHECK YOUR EXPOSURE TRIANGLE BEFORE TAKING SHOTS. I did a MASSIVE error I can never forgive myself for it! But I'm posting these anyway due to demands (shoutout to those people) :)

A Taste of Vanity: Lust

Anyway, this time, the concept of vanity is on 7 deadly sins. I had a thought and I realised how it actually leads to the 7 deadly sins: Lust, Pride, Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, Envy & Wrath. 

A Taste of Vanity: Pride

It was really great collaborating with Raja Maverick accessories, the items looked spectacular! They're available for sale at DeCube, Times Square. Or do check their self-titled Instagram: raja.maverick

Yet again, I collaborated with my fashion blogger peer, Nazirah Azmin (nazirahazmin.blogspot.com). I'll be posting more blog posts soon with Nazirah *PROPER ONES! maybe over the holidays

A Taste of Vanity: Gluttony

A Taste of Vanity: Envy

A Taste of Vanity: Sloth

And here are some behind the scene images.

Thanks and have a great week ahead.

AA. x

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