Through the Mind/Vision of the Depressed

As part of my photography module, I was to come up with a photoessay project where we were required to pick a theme that was close to our hearts (to put it nicely). I personally do not mind what grade I'll be getting for this one, because surely this is a story I could personally relate :) Enjoy!

Update (21/5): Wohoo. This photo essay got an A+

Update (19/4): This photo essay made it to the Top 15 (yeay!). Although it could not be exhibited for the event UBD Street Shutters due to its dark-depressive theme. It's alright, though! It was expected :)

This FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY depicts the visual and cognitive images inspired by the "words given by real people suffering from unipolar depression". With words like blur, rejection, empty, ugliness, rage, helplessness, isolation, haunted, and even, suicide or death (symbolised by X), depression is a psychological curse that causes them to see the world in black and white. In order to heal, they could start by adding some colours to their life.

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  1. Hello Akhmal, I'm Lillian. Can I just say that your photography is AMAZING, I love how you can successfully give emotion to them.

    On that note, would you mind creating a post on the basics of handling a DSLR? I've recently just purchased one and to be honest, I don't know a single thing about it but I would like to venture into photography more.


    1. Hello, Lillian! Thank you for the compliment, I really appreciate it.

      Sure, no problem. I would love to post that. I'm busy these two weeks, but just keep updated afterwards. Hopefully will do that next month August.

      Thanks again :)