Cheers to Another Academic Year!

Would like to wish a happy holiday to my fellow colleagues (and lecturers?). 
Another year has passed and I'm halfway there to graduating with a degree. 

So, what to expect from me these 3 long months?

I'll be laying low for a while. Time to have a break (or perhaps, find a part-time job?), and more importantly, buy and read as many BOOKS as possible! I'll be very active on (find me there! Just search for my name, add my account and follow all my book reviews).

In August, I will be starting my Discovery Year (hopefully the best year in university!). As part of the school's regulation, I will not be studying in UBD, in fact, I will be abroad (In syaa Allah, if everything runs well)! 

Where to?

You'll have to find out yourself. hehe. 
Stay updated, peeps!

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