Akhmal Travels: Fullerton Road, Singapore

I had two choices last night: Visit Fullerton Road or spending the night watching videos on crazy U.S. politics on Youtube.

Thankfully, my tummy grggrggrgrgr-ed like crazy it begged me to go out. Speaking of my grgrgrgrgr tummy, I had my first food poisoning from the first night at Nando's. It was a joke.

Anyway, Fullerton - just right above the multi-leveled Raffles Place MRT - it was the best thing I could ask for after a super tiring day. Greeted by nothing but tall glass-windowed skyscrapers (...and H&M on my right, what a stalker!). A full 360 degrees of an amazing view.

Just across the Fullerton Road, there stands Fullerton Hotel, erected in bright luxurious yellow lights.

I had a moment when I saw this breathtaking view. I really had a moment. I was close to tears but I had it controlled the first time. Excitement rushed through me instead.

Thank God for Fullerton Hotel - the lobby/pavilion/pier are all free for public access. The next time you want to visit, do stand on the Fullerton Pavilion (The above photo was me on the pier). It's a beautiful place to be. Glad I shared the moment with the bestie, Sarah Jane Ward & my roommate, Tim Saup (Now that I have mentioned his name on my blog, he thinks he won't have to work ever again because he thinks he's famous. haha)

...and if you can afford it, might as well stay there. Just remember to bring me with you (so... about that dinner date....)

oh, the Merlion statue is just along the quay - but I didn't manage to go there last night.

Where to next? I should actually blog about NUS. Hmm... Maybe after I start attending classes - so you'll get to experience what it's like. See it here first!

Do drop some comments on what you want to see next or where I should go to! Bugis? Orchard? USS?

Until next time. 

p.s. I haven't shopped for any clothing yet here in SG. Style posts can wait (for now).

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  1. I've never been to Singapore and I never thought Singapore would look that spectacular!

    1. It's beautiful, isn't it? Just being there looking at the scenery brought so much emotions.

  2. Yess a post on NUS please!