Akhmal Travels: Singapore (Settling In)

I have always had this fascination for cities where people MOVE - I realised all the cities I've been to are, you can say, busy. And it's interesting, indeed.

So here I am, in Singapore, the lion city, for the third time and for the longest time yet. The flight going here was barely a stretch, knowing it was only two hours away. But when your flight is early in the morning, you gotta catch up on some sleep in those hours.

...and some RBA in-flight food lovin'.

I was lucky enough to have landed greeted by a family-friend to send me off to my place of stay. It was hardly a 30 minutes drive from the airport (or was it?)

I'm staying in a boarding school, recommended by my host university NUS. Originally $50 per night, but with some good luck (and some bargaining) I managed to get a $23 per night. In Singapore, that's a bargain indeed.

And it isn't truly so bad. I was given a complimentary breakfast everyday for 4 months. That would sound good if, unlike me, you're a breakfast junkie. The room is given that green wall-wood furniture  (nature-inspired) feel to it - with air-condition, en suite bathroom, vanity mirror and a huge closet suitable for a student. The view is terrific too, especially when you're on the fourth floor with a balcony. The building itself is very... Monte Carlo.

Well y'all. Now that I've settled in, I shall start my adventure immediately. I'll only start university in 3 days time. I have all the required items to commute. Where should I go first with my $15 Police sandals I bought in Bugis?

Survival tips:

1) If you want to learn to commute, purchase EZ Link card in any MRT station. It's $12 and definitely rechargeable. It gives you access to use any MRT/bus with a lower price. Taxis aren't always a good idea if you're on budget - most of the time, they take the longer route - quite annoying, indeed. Don't trust them too much.

2) Prepaid is a HEADACHE. I didn't know how Data Plan works until I came here. Purchase Singtel prepaid & if you're a constant internet user, buy the 7-day 1 GB plan. It's the best plan I could get - there are other options, of course.

3) Food court- to know which stall serves Halal food, check the TRAY COLOUR. Mostly chinese ones serve non-halal meat & pork, so check the colour of the tray. Then find Halal stalls by differentiating the tray colour. This does not to apply to all food courts, but mostly has them sorted like that. Quite neat!

4) Be considerate especially in the bus & train. Reserved seats are for the elderly, pregnant women & disabled.

5) The usual restrictions: no spitting, no chewing gum, no peeing in the elevator. I've seen people smoking around though - but what I was told, cigarettes are smokin' expensive!

6) Download 'Singapore Map' on your phone. VERY VERY handy I use it most of the time here.

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  1. Hi Akhmal! Glad that you've arrived safely in Singapore. So are you living with a housemate/flatmate?

    1. Hello. Thank you, yes I'm here now safe and sound. Actually, I supposedly have a roommate, and he should've arrived hours ago but it's pass check-in time, so, I'm guessing he either has been moved to a different room, has not arrived or not staying here at all. A bonus point for me then! All the room to myself :)