Akhmal Travels: Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road

To say "I finally have some time" to blog would be a total lie. I just needed enough boost to get me started on my photo editing (which pretty much takes up about 70% of my blogging time).

Last two weeks I ventured to Orchard Road on a Saturday, because you know... it's a protocol to simply be in a large shopping area on a Saturday night.

Besides, I needed to get myself some Krispy Kreme...

and H&M...

and Cotton On...

and Typo...

and stuff.


It got better.

Pedestrian night - every first Saturday night of each month.

I was told that a part of Orchard Road would be closed to allow, well, pedestrians to enjoy whatever activities happening on that night.

There were live singing, magic shows, free balloons, free goodies, free Coca Cola (I know right. I KNOW. I WAS GIVEN TWO CANS).


Singapore's National Day 50th Anniversary

It was a night to remember, indeed.

And of course, thanks to the BESTIE, Sarah Jane Ward, for being a great company - couldn't asked for a better one... unless of course you're David Beckham or something.

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  1. Cool! How do you find the prices there so far?

  2. Anon: Hello! Well, if I have to compare it to Brunei, SG is a bit more expensive. Food, especially. I noticed that a plain chicken rice costs $3-$4, when in Brunei you can get it for $2-$3. My facial wash here costs $10 when I could get it for $8 in Brunei. I find it rather INTERESTING that here in SG they try to find a way to make people spend their money even on little things, especially charges. And it's very efficient!

    I have not done much shopping (except for books - which are almost the same rate as Book Depository & Best Eastern, depending on the books I'm getting) - but during SG50 Week, sales were everywhere I could get nice clothes for $5-$10! That's a bargain.