Long Fit

The long awaited OOTD/Style post.


Not until recently did I discover my true personal style. *yeah right*

No, really. For real.

It wasn't clear cut until I found that my wardrobe here in Singapore has mostly black and white... and I like it that way. I could add a couple of colours more here and there - I'm thinking... denim.

We'll see.


I'm very glad they're adding LONG FIT to the trend - it really is my kind of aesthetics. It could be a challenge to try mix & match sometimes. But I did it.

Long fit sweater (black): H&M
Low joggers (black): H&M
Kicks (white): Adidas Superstar Snakeskin S82731
Tag necklace (black): ASOS

From wardrobe-
Backpack (Leopard print): ASOS
Hat (Black): from Harajuku Street, Tokyo, Japan
Watch (Black): B.U.M. Watch
Bracelets (Black): from Tokushima, Japan

And that hat might as well be my signature accessory. lol. 

I also used the long fit sweater with a different ensemble the other night. I'll place it here too for you to see!

This ensemble is more towards the grunge side, with short black denim shorts (Cotton On), mid-calf black socks (H&M) & smart black shoes (Rocklander). Worked great as well.

It's good to experiment. If it works, go for it!


Sarah also did a tremendous job in putting together a great ensemble tonight. With a busy day at work, I think it's a great day-to-night look. Her long black coat is to die for!


This song inspired the look tonight (have a good listen!)

There have been blog requests from viewers & fellow bloggers:

-Photography 101 (Tutorial: Basic Techniques of using DSLR)
-National University of Singapore (NUS) Experience
-Bloggers Interview Tag

I promise I'll post them soon. Just keep updated :)

'till next time, you guys!


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  1. Ahh can't seem to follow you by e-mail? Not sure what happened will try again later!

    LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE EVERYTHING ESPECIALLY THE FIRST LOOK!!!!! It's very in line with the Korean street fashion that I'm into right now! and loving the feel and look of your blog! <3

    Your fan,
    Ainul. xx

    1. Hey Ainul!!

      Thanks so much <3 And oh, I forgot to enable the follow e-mail widget. But it's working now, no problem :) It'll just send a verification e-mail for the subscription. Hehehe...

      Love yah & stay amazing.
      AA. xx