Akhmal Travels: Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa Island

It took me a month or so to decide for the right time to go to Universal Studios. It finally happened last week. I wasn't alone, of course. Aisya & Seri decided to drag me along and I couldn't ask for better companions to go with.

Traveling from my dorm to Sentosa Island wasn't so hard. Thankfully there's a direct MRT line from my place to Harbour Front - it hardly took me an hour to reach the place if you include the minutes it took me to walk to the bus stop and waiting for the bus to arrive (probably the most stressful part of traveling. Don't get me started on MISSING the bus. I cannot.)

To reach Sentosa Island, the easiest access would be using the train. $4 per entry. There's cable car, of course, if you're the type who doesn't mind spending a little bit more.

Once you're there, it's hardly a 10 minutes walk before you reach the iconic Universal Studios globe-thingymajig. Definitely a must-have in your photo moments at USS.

Tickets! Ok, let's see... If I remember correctly, it is $75/adult. If you're a foreigner, it'd be $67 or $68 for a one-day entrance. Just bring your passport with you. Not sure about children and senior citizen, though! I'll probably check that out since my family is coming over in December for holiday.

But because we were the usual impatient Bruneians, we upgraded our ticket to express ($30 extra payment) - it's quite worth it, if you ask me. How? Well, you get to skip the (super) long queues! Not just the rides, but restaurants as well.

Unlike the normal ticket, you have to keep this ticket with you at all times. Yeah, they require you to stamp the ticket on the back before entering every ride. There's also the unlimited one, which means you can ride the same rides over and over until... well, you vomit glitters and rainbows.

Ok, moving on.

As soon as you enter, you'll be stepping into the city of dreams(?): Hollywood! Here you'll get to enjoy the walk of fame and gift shops and restaurants, and if you're lucky, famous icons will appear, so, keep your eyes open and camera fully charged at all times! We were lucky enough to meet Frankenstein & Betty Boop!

Continuing the journey, assuming you keep moving to the right side of the park, it's the city that never sleeps: NEW YORK CITY!

Just like Hollywood, you'll get to see iconic buildings here and more importantly, meet more celebrities! This was where we met Marilyn Monroe. There are also Sesame Street rides here - definitely children-friendly.

Sideshows also happen here, especially next to Mel's Diner (they have the BEST hotdog I swear it's foodgasm). No worries, it's Halal.


We went into this place called Lights, Camera, Action by Steven Spielberg. Yes, the director. As a Media student, I enjoyed it tremendously. Highly recommended to the film & special effects geeks like me!


The adventure continues on with Transformers! *mimics robotic voice of Optimus Prime*

Yeap, this was where the queue was soo long. The ride was amazing, though!! Definitely my favourite!

From here onwards, more theme parks with more and more rides. In sequence, there's Sci-fi City (the most extreme roller coaster is in here!), Ancient Egypt (there's a roller coaster), The Lost World (another roller coaster & water ride), Waterworld, Far Far Away (more roller coaster - Puss-in-Boots themed) & Madagascar. The last two are children friendly.

We had lunch here. Though anywhere in the park, the food is quite expensive. We came across this Italian restaurant in Far Far Away that serves 2 pieces of chicken for $10. Might as well eat the bones, yea?


It is in Ancient Egypt that I got the bitch stare from... Cleopatra?

damn... I love her.

Unfortunately, we picked the worst day to go to USS. Not only it was raining so heavily, it was HAZY! Most rides were closed but opened only after the rain stopped. Phew... We rode most of the rides. We missed perhaps just one or two rides.

Nonetheless, it was a tremendous fun. A must-go for a holiday. I recommend people to go on weekdays when most Singaporeans go to work/school & do come as early as 10 a.m. The queue can be exhausting. It closes at 6 p.m. on weekdays, so I advice people to spend the WHOLE day in USS - to make it worth every penny you spent on the ticket.

Other than that, in October, it'll be Halloween-themed, so USS will close later than usual. I might go there and play dress-up as well.

As what? Did you see what Cleopatra's wearing? It gives me an idea............. *wink*

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  1. Please please pleaseee write up a post about where I can find *affordable Halal food in Singapore! will be flying there soon for 3 months and i am most worried about places to eat! have only been in singapore once when I was a little kid. huhu.

  2. Anonymous; hi hi! don't panic. breathe. I did a tiny write-up about Halal food in Singapore. No need to panic, Halal food is practically everywhere since there's also a big portion of Muslim Singaporeans. It's really simple, mostly they have that HALAL logo, and if they don't, try to find if they have the Halal certificate shown on the wall. You'll see many stalls in food court that says "no pork, no lard" but if you're uncertain, just like me, don't dine there. Speaking of food courts, they usually have one or two stalls with Halal food (most of the time, look at the tray, as well. They're colour-coded! Halal or non-halal. Very thoughtful of them, I'm impressed).

    Again, Halal food in Singapore is nothing to worry about - they're quite affordable :) Many fast food shops we know are Halal too! Oh, if you live in Clementi area or around NUS Kent Ridge campus, there's 2-3 Halal restaurants that serve for 24/7!

  3. Akhmal, do you live in an off-campus apartment? If yes, where? Do you ask for it or UBD managed it for you?

    1. Hello, there! Yes, I do live off-campus. It was recommended by NUS because the residential apartments/dorms in NUS were full (it's an undeniable fact that Bruneians do things last minute, right? lol). I could have appealed to be placed on-campus, but the result was only release after two months after first appeal. Considering I'm only staying here for a semester & distance-wise from city, I prefer staying in where I am now.

      I unfortunately cannot disclose my place of stay now due to privacy, but it is a boarding school which places NUS students at a special rate. If you directly contact the accommodation authorities from NUS, I believe they'd be more than happy to give you the list of places you could stay in.

      Good luck! :)

    2. Whoops. Missed the last question. As for accommodation, you have to settle it on your own. Find a place, and just give the details of place of stay to UBD DY Unit & OSHE for their records.