Akhmal Acts: TragicForm, National University of Singapore (NUS)

"I don't care. I condemn anyone who loves an individual above their state." -Creon

It is that time again for me to take the stage! This time I will be doing a contemporary tragedy, TragicForm. Yet again, I am playing the main antagonist.

"I eat when I want, and I puke when I want. Men, stay out!" -Ophelia


The human condition is a fractious one, often fraught with a melee of emotions. There is seldom a singular emotion that can capture the colourful plurality of being human— but there are common traits.

Passion, lust, romance, joy, death— tragedy. 

Join the class of TS2233 in our performance showcase: TragicForm. 

The performance experiments with heightened staging and non-linear presentation whilst encountering two major classics and a range of iconic characters from the genre of Tragedy. 

It explores combined excerpts from two plays— Haresh Sharma's Hamlet, a contemporary re-working of the Shakespearean Tragedy, and Natalie Hennedige's Cheek, a reimagining of Antigone, the classic Greek Tragedy by Sophocles. From dance numbers to rap battles– these literary classics have been revitalised by the creative team in a fresh and quirky way.

Directed by Life! Theatre Award Winner and Artistic Director of Cake Theatrical Productions, Natalie Hennedige, TragicForm will have you laughing, cringing and crying along with the characters.

Brought to you by TS2233 students of 2015.

"His body is to be left in the open, uncovered, a stinking feast for the scavengers, dogs and crows - a sight to inspire terror" -Creon

Now, I like to think that this tragedy is inspired by a music I recently discovered. Enjoy!

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