Akhmal on TV: Dokumentari Ukuhwah Brunei-Singapura

Hello guys! Good news.

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by RTB for a documentary to commemorate the anniversary of Brunei-Singapore MoA partnership. In this particular documentary, you'll get to watch me in one of my classes in National University of Singapore (NUS)! I choose to share with you guys my acting class, so you'll get to see rare and private moments in my actors' training classes on stage rather than some boring lectures! Here's the showing schedule:


6/11/2015 (Friday): 9.30 pm
7/11/2015 (Saturday): 5.00 pm (Repeat)


8/11/2015 (Sunday): 1.30 pm & 9.00 pm
9/11/2015 (Monday): 4.00 am (Repeat)

To those who are not in Brunei, you may live stream RTB4 online on rtb.gov.bn (RTB's official website). It is going to be in Malay, but do enjoy the rare clips! It might not be much due to the time, but it is something :) I seriously do not know what to expect because the interview was spontaneous, but enjoy it nonetheless.

Speaking of acting, today wrapped up our contemporary theatre module, so, here's our group photo together with THE distinguished artistic director of Cake Productions, Natalie Hennedige

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  1. Another milestone! Such an inspiration, Akhmal.

    Your loyal reader. (hi!)

    1. yes! it was a bliss. thank you very much. and HELLO! :)