Akhmal Travels: Haji Lane, Singapore

Yeay to exams finally over! It's a bittersweet feeling though knowing that I'm done with my semester in NUS.

Of course, it was right only for me to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate it other than spending one of your last evenings in Singapore with the people who made you feel right at home throughout your stay abroad.

This time we went to Haji Lane late after dinner at Nando's. It's located just around Arab Street - next to Sultan Mosque. It's a 15-minutes walk from the nearest Bugis MRT Station.

I instantly fell in love with this place. It's like alleys of little cafes, bars and stores for Singaporean hipsters (the name suggests otherwise, don't you think?). I mean come on, there's even a cafe that says something like "cakes and sandwiches and shit like that" - nothing can be anymore hipster than THAT.

Spotted quite a few live singing on the streets, so the place wasn't too dodgy with all the music blaring and people chilling in every corner.

We decided to have desserts here (Nutella tart & Molten Lava Chocolate Cake - you know, just wanna throw it out there) in a cafe called '(working title)' - (hipster, innit). I decided to drop them an extra tip, just cause they allowed us to stay after their closing hours.

And yes, with the street and wall arts in every direction, it's a total crime to not take photos.

and thanks to these amazing people for everything <3 Will see you guys back in Brunei!


There were too many trash cans though I don't understand?

p/s. I'll be leaving Singapore on the 8th.

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  1. I visited Arab Street when I was on a school field trip a few months ago, it's wonderful! I hope I'll be able to go there soon since I'm leaving for Singapore tonight! Haha! Perhaps we can see each other <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'


    1. Hey, love. Sorry it took me a while to reply. Hope you had fun in SG! I went back to Brunei on the 8th, just few days before you left for SG :( Never mind, we still can see each other here to make up for it, yes? Hope you're up for it. xx