Akhmal Packs: For United Kingdom

Can you tell how I can no longer contain my excitement for this particular post, or this year's adventure, in general? Besides, I know I'll be super busy this coming Friday with my packing.

Speaking of packing, yes, I can finally reveal my next Discovery Year plan. I am going to United Kingdom this time for six months! I will be doing a Study Abroad Programme in University of Southampton, studying English and Film. I will be leaving next week.

Of course, I will be doing several trips around Europe while I'm at it. The first half of this year will contain mostly of travelog, how exciting is that? Hope you're as ecstatic as I am.

That being said, do comment if you wish for me to visit any particular place in the United Kingdom, or even, Europe!

See you again next week where I'll blog about The Old Smoke.


Great thanks to those who have responded my previous giveaway, both on my blog and my personal e-mail. I will contact the winner soon. Check your e-mail, folks! :)

Enjoy the music by Nat King Cole "That's All"
'till next time, AA. xx

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  1. Omg congratulations! You have no idea how excited I am to see you here soon!!! Have a safe trip to UK, Akhmal! ��

  2. Alhamdulillah! Congrats for being able to go to UK!! That's really amazingggg considering that I heard only those of cGPA of 4 can go?? I'm so excited to hear about your adventures in UK!!

    1. Thank you very much :) My batch, they allowed people with cGPA 3.8 above to go to the UK. Now, it's 4.