Akhmal Travels: Landing in London

Greetings for United Kingdom! Finally I've settled in and had the time to sit down and blog, while drinking my hot English Breakfast Tea. The winter cold is a pain, but it's nothing unbearable. Current temperature is just right below -1 degrees celcius.

I just woke up from my good 10-hour sleep. Current time is 7am UK time (Minus 8 hours for Brunei time). My flight to the UK was quite good, although it was very hard for me to have a pleasant sleep. Regardless, I got the good seat(s), thankfully.

As per usual, Royal Brunei had done it again. The food and the in-flight service were amazing (a cute flight attendant was a bonus, surely). Had an emotional landing - it was overwhelming.

But nothing as overwhelming as seeing black cabs, red double deckers and red phone booths everywhere! 

Because it was such a veeeery long flight, we decided to stay in Brunei Hall for a night before leaving for Southampton. Gotta rest up, you know (Although, I didn't. I just went out all day. lol!)

It's also a protocol for Bruneian students to report their arrival. The hospitality here was very welcoming. Renovation was underway while I stayed here, although I have to say, the transit room could be improved. I wouldn't want to stay for quite a long time. Nevertheless, it was adequate for a good rest. Because I only stayed for a night, it was free of charge. If you're planning to stay for a longer time, it's GBP 1.80 per day. The food was also cheap and traditional.

Paddington(!) underground tube station is just around the corner- hardly a 5 minutes walk from Brunei Hall. Quite a lot of Halal fast food chains and restaurants as well.

Did I tell you it was winter? Yes, less daylight. Sun goes down around 2pm.

Good thing I had friends who are studying in London. Of course we decided to meet up and had dinner together. Shoutout to Hawa Anuar & Aisya Soffi. 

Decided to take the bus and the tube for the first time to Westminster. The tube system was no big difference than the ones in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, except the doors close MUCH faster, less waiting time and weirdly enough, it was quieter. Although they are smaller in size and SUPER EXPENSIVE. A single trip costs GBP 1-2 per ride.

Nevertheless, WESTMINSTER! With Big Ben, River Thames and London Eye in sight, it was such a photo moment.

London survival tips, you ask?
1) Oyster card for both transportation. Works just like the other MRT/bus top-up cards.
2) Travel around!

That's it for now.

Will blog more on Southampton, and hopefully will go around the UK. Where to? I have all these places in my head, though I don't know where I should go first. Let me know where you want me to go, people!!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, love!!! Miss you x

  2. omgggggg jealousss