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Finishing a book can be a complete torture! I myself am not foreign to this torment, because once upon a time, I was a sluggish reader. When I say "sluggish", I mean, 6 months to finish a single book. 

Nowadays, I do have my "reading slump" days, but they usually last within a week or two. Normally, I finish reading a book in 2-3 days. So folks, especially those who have been asking me the question on HOW TO READ FAST, well... here's some of my personal tips for you:

1) Find your ideal reading place: It is of utmost importance that you take into consideration your reading environment. Some people like to read in a very quiet and cold environment, and yet some people do not really mind reading in a busy situation. I prefer the former - I like reading in my room where I'm always free of distractions. Let me tell you, I go HOURS - 100 pages per night.

2) Know your book edition or reading platform: Not every edition works the same for everyone. Hardback, paperback, mass-market paperback, digital, audiobook, etc. Why this matters is because some editions have small fonts and tight spacings. You might want to consider the weight, too. I personally do not mind any edition, but since I collect the books, I rarely use digital or audiobook. Small fonts and tight spacings can slow you down - it's demotivating!

3) Know your favourite genre: This is pretty obvious. Know your favourite genre. The more familiar you are to that particular genre, the more you'd find it easier to read, thus, faster reading. I started off reading light and easy contemporary/children fictions: Sophie Kinsella, Roald Dahl, Cecelia Ahern and J.K. Rowling were my personal favourites. I still find Literature very hard to read, so, the reading usually slows me down. I read fiction mostly.

4) Know your favourite author: Just like genre, if you're familiar with an author's style of writing, the faster the reading.

5) Keep a book journal: Specifically, Goodreads! Create a Goodreads account. You'll get to UPDATE your daily readings and it keeps you on your toes. It has a reading challenge too: set a goal on how many books you're planning to read this year.

6) Join a reading community/book club: This is everywhere. Join one and meet new friends! It's always fun to talk about the books you have recently read and find out what everyone's excited to read. Book clubs usually have a read-a-long where every member reads the same book and you'll get to discuss about it. Goodreads is a good place to start. Shoutout to Mu'iz, Ailin, Caleb, Qee, Amal, Ezzati, Amalina, Drew, Atiqah, Cherry, Yohanna, Nikki, May, Obelina & everyone (my Goodreads friends)!

7) Watch BookTubers (especially their bookshelves!): These people LOVE reading and trust me, you'd want to pick up a book after watching their videos, be it for the first time or after a very long reading slump. My personal favourites are @abookutopia, @benjaminoftomes and @joeltiger

8) Build the passion for reading: I did not start reading early. I started reading as a hobby when I was in Form 4 (2009). I started slow, but progressively became faster. Shoutout to Aisya, Hawa, Yasmin, Neena, Iffah, Danica, A'dilah & Miss Adrenne Chinn (these people helped me build the passion for reading)!

9) Manage your reading time: Those assignments are just endless, can they NOT? How to read when you have them essays piling up and deadlines are just around the corner? Manage your time well. It's important you have a few hours dedicated to reading and READING ONLY. Some people find their reading time in their busy days. Back in Singapore, quite a number of people read on their way to work (I still need to master this skill - I get distracted too easily!) Speaking of distractions, put your mobile phones on 'sleep mode' (silent mode doesn't work, y'all). It's also a good time to allow your phone to fully charge. It's always a good idea to bring your book wherever with you (or have the e-book downloaded on your mobile phone, if you don't like to carry the physical copy) - you never know when you're going to need it the most... ESPECIALLY waiting for your number to be called in banks and clinics. eugh.


To get you started OR if you wish to own free books, then, good news.


I have books that are still in PERFECT condition and I am planning to give them to you for free as a gratitude for being HERE! No, they have NOT been read before.

How to enter? Simple. 

SHARE WITH ME YOUR READING EXPERIENCE: BE IT YOUR FAVOURITE BOOKS, FAVOURITE READING SPOT, OR ANYTHING BOOK-RELATED! You can share it with me by commenting on this post, or even, personally through e-mail ( Just provide me with your personal details (e-mail and name would be sufficient), so it'd be easy for me to contact you in the future. Let's start there :)


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  1. Assalamu'alaikum and greetings Akhmal! Here's Shakeeb and I found out your blog last year and began to be your 'silent' reader since then. And now, I'm no longer your 'silent' reader. To be honest, you've been my inspiration in the scope of blogging, photography and fashion as well! Nonetheless, I'm in need of book-reading tips at the moment, and all of a sudden you wrote a blog post regarding it. Thanks a bunch for that!

    Tackling about the matter of book-reading, honestly, I am a sluggish reader, just like you used to be. I find it so hard to even finish one single book. I'm not really sure the reasons behind the problem. It is perhaps due to homework, assignments and all those school stuffs, which always distract me from my read . I wish I could finish a book in a day but that is just so impossible for me. Unlike reading blogs, I can just scroll down the blogs and read all those blog posts. It might be because I feel like someone is talking to me. That's just a weird fact of myself.

    Moreover, I am in the group of people who like to read alone; for instance in an empty room where silence is all you can hear. I tremendously can't concentrate on my read when there's even someone around me, or perhaps 'something'. When I mentioned 'something', that refers to gadgets most of the time.

    My genre of book-reading is religious, motivation and inspiration. Thus my favourite book at the moment is The Other Side Of The Coin by Aiman Azlan and Ameen Misran. It is indeed an eye-opener book.

    One of my resolutions this year is to finish more than 10 books, as last year I just managed to read not more than 10 books. What a shame.

    Anyhow, I'm looking forward to your next blog post!


    Shakeeb S.

    1. Waalaikumsalam Shakeeb, thank you so much for your humble reply, it's so generous of you.

      Yes, I forgot to mention it in the post (I'll be adding another one soon after this comment), but yes, dealing with schoolwork can be exhausting! One of the few reasons why my reading's always delayed as well. Well, time management is the key in this case - but I'm very bad at it, although I usually allow the weekdays to do my school work & weekends to do all the readings. It's not always constant, though... Usually my sleeping pattern is affected, but nothing that'd affect my academic performance that greatly. Reading is a leisure thing to do, it's a hobby and a form of catharsis. So, don't let it affect your mood greatly if you don't finish it as soon as you want to. And yes! Those gadgets can be DISTRACTING. Really. it's a habit of mine to put it on sleep mode. Silent mode doesn't work because of the vibration. LOL!

      Wow... look at the genre you're reading! I only go as far as "spiritual/self-discovery fiction" i.e. Mitch Albom & Paulo Coelho. So, I'm not very familiar with that particular genre, although I love books that make use of my thinking cap and make me reflect on life. I shall try reading those books, InshaAllah. You have an interesting taste, surely.

      Don't be ashamed of planning to read only 10 books. What matters more is you enjoying the process AND having that good intention to finish the goal. Not many people can finish even up to 5 books per year, and that's ok. You'll get used to it more, for sure :)

      I read your wordpress blog and you have a talent! You write beautifully, and that's a golden talent to have. Keep doing it! That being said, I'll be making a huge announcement in my next blog post, InshaAllah...

      thanks for the comment and jangan jara. hehe... Will contact you again real soon. Have a good weekend.


  2. how on earth did u manage to read 60 books mal..... and still maintain that 4.5gpa is beyond me

    1. hahahah i have no idea! it just... happened, so there's nothing much advice I can give except the obvious ones I listed above.