Akhmal Travels: Alum Bay & Carisbrooke Castle, Isle of Wight, England

Here goes a new travelog. Greetings, everyone! 

What to do on a free weekend?

A short trip with the housemates! Why not, right?

Destination: ISLE OF WIGHT

This post will be in two parts & I'll mention my expenses throughout the trip here and there (I should start doing that).

First thing first, where is Isle of Wight you ask? It's an island off the south coast of England. An hour ferry ride from Southampton (18 British Pounds per return ticket). Courtesy of Red Funnel.

Yeap. None of us expected it'd be that luxurious. There's a small cafe, bar and shop on board too.
And WiFi.
And sockets.
And toilets and elevators

Knowing it was going to be a long day, I decided to take a short nap.

And then, I woke up to this view.

Quite a sight, actually! The weather was a bit off, but it was expected at this time around.

Of course, we had our itinerary ready before leaving. 
We arrived and took the bus (7 British Pound for 2 days) heading to the east.

To The Needles + Alum Bay.

This was supposed to be the HIGHLIGHT of the trip: A chairlift ride, Water Walkerz, Water Peddlerz, 4D Cinema, but yeap, most of them were closed. A local told us that Easter period would be the right time to go there. The weather condition didn't permit us to enjoy the outdoor games. It was windy alright.

REGARDLESS, we still managed to get a good view of the Needles.

The wind, thoughhhhhh.

And off we went to Newport - the county town and where our hotel was.

BEHOLD: The amazing view along the way.

[Cue Game of Thrones main theme] (sorry, I just had to. The view's BREATHTAKING!)

On our way, we decided to make a detour at

Thank God, we did. (7 British Pound for a student)

Definitely a tourist photo moment.

Home to Princess Beatrice, the last daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. You know, only my favourite royalty couple in the universe!

Had a pretty intimate experience here entering the castle museum. This is also the place where Queen Victoria died, where Charles I of England and his daughter Princess Elizabeth Stuart were executed and died respectively.

Love the place, definitely! (Will surely upload more photos later. My memory card is acting up!)

We ended our day in our budget hotel (20 British Pounds per room) in Newport. LOL I just slept all night after we had our Fish & Chips takeaway for dinner (4 British Pounds).


Can I just say that the people here are SOOOOOO generous and polite. Very friendly.

Day 1: 50-60 British Pounds well spent. Will post Day 2. Stay tuned you guys!

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