Akhmal Travels: Sandown Beach & Dinosaur Isle, Isle of Wight, England

FINALLY! Thanks to my housemate, Hafiz, I could finally post Day 2.

Let's get on with it, shall we? Just like the previous post, I'll mention my expenses for the day here as well. Started the day with a 4-pounds worth of breakfast.

First thing first, off to Sandown Beach, we went. This time, we're heading west and tried our best to go to as many attractions as possible. It's hardly 20 minutes from Newport, where our hotel was located.

Did I mention my housemates and I were such in a good mood? We certainly had more than enough rest the night before.

If you read my previous post, I mentioned that we purchased the 2-day group ticket for the transport. It's quite handy, actually.

And we were greeted with a spectacular view.

I was instantly drawn to the beach right away. The weather was terrific, despite the cold wind. Because it was Sunday, quite a lot of people were there. It's breathtaking!

I decided to take videos here, though I'm not sure if I have the time to edit and post the video. Will try my best. It's a project I am yet to venture.

Just across the road is the Dinosaur Isle.

Lucky for us, it was FREE entrance! The place was packed with families I love it.

Quite a lot of things happening here. It's interactive, to start with, so kids were all over the place finishing tasks given at the entrance of the museum, solving puzzles, playing educational games - definitely family-friendly.

Little archeologist busy at work!

And what did I do?

I got to pick a dinosaur's nose! Not something you can always do now, right?

...and smelled dinosaur's real odour. And let me tell you... it's FUNKY alright. 

Real "most completed" fossils in the world up there on display.

Moving on.

Next to this museum, there's a zoo, but we decided to not enter because it's quite expensive and having experienced a zoo in Thailand myself, this one didn't look so promising.

We went to this place called Waltzing Water Show instead. (Unfortunately I didn't take decent photos - but took short videos.) That costed us 4.50 British pounds (if I remember it correctly). It's quite alright. It's a 45-minutes show, before we had to catch our ferry back home at 7 p.m.

Ended our day with some Chinese takeaway (4 British pounds).


To sum up, I think it's quite a pleasant weekend getaway. Not a tourist's first choice due to distance between attractions. Nevertheless, it's family-friendly and love how it's a cheap little weekend vacation. Spent only 12-14 pounds on the second day.


Next trip, you ask? We'll see. But I have bought tickets to Europe for my Easter holiday (21st March onwards). I guess you'll have to find out where I'm going next, so STAY TUNED! Will try my best to venture more before that.

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