Akhmal Packs: For Easter Trip

Hello, there!

The wait is almost over! Easter vacation is just around the corner. While I'm busy doing my research and ultimately, finishing my assignments, I just want to give you all some heads up on what to expect from me for this blog during my easter vacation (20th March - 17th April). 

Of course, I'm up for some travelling. Yeap, booked my flight tickets and made some hotel reservations. InshaAllah, these are the places I'll be travelling to:

 (21st March - 28th March 2016)
Rome, Italy
Florence, Italy
Pisa, Italy
Venice, Italy
Milan, Italy

(30th March - 31st March 2016)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

(1st April - 5th April 2016)
Athens, Greece
Santorini, Greece

*(6th April - 8th April 2016)
Dublin, Ireland (tbc)

If everything goes well and if time permits, I'll do my blogging during that period. You can either subscribe to this blog (top right) so an e-mail will be automatically sent to you if I post something on the blog, or you can follow me on my Instagram @akhmal.aiman

Feel free to comment here on what you expect me to DO or places you want me to visit!

Oh, I want to share this video from BuzzFeed about traveling. Do give it a watch. Hope it will inspire you as much as it did to me:

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