Akhmal Travels: Florence, Italy

Ciao! Let's go to the city I'm currently in love with: Florence.

After two nights stay in Rome, we moved to another city, Florence, which was just about an hour plus journey. How I spent it, you ask?

Card games + good company = COMPLETARE. I decided to buy a simple deck in Rome. It's a good investment if you're planning to go travel with your friends just to kill the time when you're in the train.

Alright. FLORENCE (a.k.a. Firenze)

By far, Florence has to be my favourite city. It's a beautiful city you don't want to miss. Everything's within 20 minutes walk.

When I think of Florence, I think of Michelangelo's statue of David. And that's exactly where I wanted to go see in real life. Located just 3 minutes walk from our hotel, there's the Galleria dell'Accademia. I mean, you just gotta have to visit one art museum in Italy.

the queue said otherwise. God know how long (and slow) the queue was I gave up halfway.

Nevertheless, we decided to visit the cathedral that I had an eye on when I first arrived due to the massive dome.

Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Flore

Look how amazing it is! And it's just 5 minutes walk from our hotel & Galleria dell'Accademia.

One thing I can say is that this city is DEFINITELY student friendly. In fact, there were so many students, most bringing their canvases from the university (Accademia del'arte) with live music and paintings sold next to it... and did I already say how good looking Italians are? eeeeep.

We were lucky the day was sunny, despite the cold wind. It was still so BEAUTIFUL I CAN'T GET OVER IT!

We decided to enter the main cathedral, just to have a quick look, especially since it's free. (The Dome area costs 12 euros though)

Oh you're gonna love this one if you're a big fan of fashion.

Do you know Italian leather? and how the fake leathers in Italy are so close to being the genuine leather in terms of quality? 

Guess what?

Florence has its own outdoor leather market. I swear the smell of genuine leather was wafting in the breeze everywhere.

I actually didn't know this existed. They even have this gorgeous leather TRENCH coat it looked so genuine. The quality is considerably good, so do give it a visit the next time you're planning to go here. You can also negotiate the price. I don't know how my friends did it, but they made the vendor sell to them a leather handbag with a half price.

Oh Florence <3

Definitely, no doubt, worth a visit. Spending a night would be enough, and try your best to visit while it's sunny. It's an added bonus.


Survival tips in Florence, Italy:
1) Don't waste your time with taxis. Just walk around.
2) Halal takeaways are everywhere. I had the BEST briyani here.
3) Be careful with the vendors. Do not stop if you do not wish to buy. Just act as if you're not listening. They'll follow you down the street if you seem interested in it even for just a bit.
4) Negotiate the price whenever necessary in the market.
5) Just like in Rome, be aware of pickpockets.

Alright... Will blog on Pisa & Cinque Terre soon :)

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