Akhmal Travels: Pisa, Italy

Ciao readers! On we go with Day 4! This time, we're going directly west of Florence: Pisa.

I wish I had a good start of the day, but unfortunately, this was the day I was hit by a devastating news from home in Brunei. My grandfather, whom I love so dearly, passed away. I woke up crying when I wanted to do my Fajr prayer. How coincidental that he passed away after his Fajr prayer. I remember his words, his prayers for me when I wanted to leave for the UK. Him sitting on the front yard, looking so at peace and genuinely had a chat with him, him reminding me to take care abroad. But we all know our time on earth has to come to an end eventually - he passed away at an old age. It's time that he's better with Allah SWT :)

Anyway, back to travelog.

First thing first, big thanks to our hotel in Florence: Hotel Veneto. Awesome location, comfortable venetian style room, uber friendly reception and cheap pricing. Highly recommended.

The breakfast was amazing as well!

Did I tell you that I had the pleasure of taking away all the free Nutella spread? They didn't seem to mind, I mean... Hello, Ferrero is from Italy.

Besides, I'm a Bruneian. Menapau is a basically a ritual. lol.

Again, we took the train to go to Pisa. It was hardly an hour ride.

As expected, there was nothing much to see when we arrived. Our hotel was just a minute walk from the terminal.

Because it was early, we decided to walk to Torre de Pisa, a.k.a. The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The reception promised it was going to be a 20 minutes walk.


It was so far I was exHAUSted. The sunny day didn't help much. It was more of an hour walk. So we decided to have gelato on our way.

Again, it's aaaaaaall Nutella goodness. I could eat that everyday I swear!!!!

From the bridge onwards, it wasn't hard to navigate. Just follow where the tourists go. That simple. Another 10 minutes walk, we arrived.

Ok, taking the picture of Pisa was harder than I thought. LOL. It was leaning at such an awkward angle.

You should also pick the right place to take a good photo, because it was leaning to one side.

The only thing I hate about it was the fact that the park was not accessible to the public. I don't understand why. It was such a good spot to just sit down or take a good photo with the tower because that's where the angle's right.

Unfortunately, personally I think it was the only interesting landmark in Pisa I wanted to visit. So it's more than enough to have just a day trip in Pisa (unless you're planning to go to Cinque Terre, which we did).

More on Cinque Terre soon. I can't promise I'll blog tomorrow, because my flight back to London will be early in the morning I have to leave my hotel in Milan at around 3am.

But trust me, you wouldn't want to miss my post on Cinque Terre. I have some good shots I can't wait to share.

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See you guys! And thanks for your private responses. So glad I can "inspire" some of you! :) And of course, thanks for your prayer, guys.

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