Akhmal Travels: Pompeii, Italy

Ciao! On the second day in Italy, we planned our journey to Pompeii.

Getting there from Rome was quite an adventure. From Rome Termini (Main train/bus/metro terminal in Rome), it took us two train rides to get to the ancient city of Pompeii. Took us about 3 hours for a single ride. Rome to Napoli (2 hours) + Napoli to Pompeii (1 hour).

Rome Termini (Quite a busy place)

Both train rides were interesting. From Rome to Napoli, it was actually pleasant train, equipped with adapter and spacious. You wouldn't want to miss the view of the countryside here. Along the ride, you'd enjoy seeing Italian casa and montagna - the view was breathtaking.

From Napoli to Pompeii, however... It was much more crowded and stuffy (it was a hot day - not as cold as Rome). Although there was a live band in the train. We jammed to Bailando by Enrique Iglesias. That put a smile on everybody's face, for sure.

Now. Pompeii.

I admit, I did not know anything about the history of Pompeii, except for the fact that it's an ancient city that faced a natural disaster, ultimately killing all the people. 

Well, if you happen to visit Pompeii, you wouldn't miss a huge montagna behind it. Well, that's the main cause. The ashes from the volcano caused death. Quite tragic.

Yes, you'd need to purchase a ticket to explore the city, unfortunately. If I'm not mistaken, it's 12 euros. I didn't go it, actually, because I'd only be able to visit for an hour. I had a tight schedule and I was/am on a student budget. As much as I love to enter, I unfortunately have not familiarised myself with the history. So personally, I think it'd be a waste of money. (Although some of my friends entered and saw the real homes of the ancient Romans, and some several real PRESERVED bodies from the volcanic eruption in AD 79! They even found a child preserved body) 

Outside the archaeological site, there were markets. I realised that Pompeii was quite a controversial city. A lot of explicit stuff here. They even sell statues of genitals and sex calendars. I can't even...

We did eat in a restaurant there though.

Now now. I had Linguine Bolognese Seafood. Looks appetising, innit? Well, not the price.

What they put in the menu could mislead you. I thought it was 9 euros, but BEWARE OF UNNECESSARY APPETIZER. They'll charge you even if you don't eat it. They'll just put it on the table. I forgot what it's called, but eugh... So expensive I had to spend 16 euros just for the linguine (+ appetizer).

Because the journey was quite a while, it was a day trip for us.

So if you ask me, is it worth a visit? Well... I'd say I'd recommend it IF you know the history. It'd be more personal to you and you'd know the exact places to visit. Remember, Pompeii is an ancient CITY. So it's huge!


Survival tips Pompeii, Italy:
1) Explicit items sold everywhere. Not so children friendly.
2) Know the history before visiting.
3) It's quite a distance from Rome. Make it a day trip. Just come early due to the cost of the ticket.

Next post will be on one of my favourites so far: FLORENCE! <3


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