Akhmal Travels: Rome, Italy

Ciao, readers!

Finally I've figured out how to transfer my photos & the WiFi isn't hellish in my hotel room. Let's start, shall we?

but first, big apologies... The photo resolution is a pain, I'm not proud of it. Somehow, the size got reduced when I transferred the pictures.


Day 1


I tried to check how cheap the flight is, as everyone has claimed. They're not lying. The cheapest could go from 9 pounds.

We used RyanAir for our flight to Rome, it costed us 40 pounds. 

It was a bad start. I mean... REAL BAD. For 4 hours, we were grounded. The flight got super delayed, because of 1) minor technical problem 2) French air traffic strike

Automatically, some of our plans for the day had to be cancelled. Good thing none required tickets. But we landed safely! Of course I did not expect luxury in the plane, so, I had with me as many things I could carry with me in the plane for entertainment (and to fill the tummy).

We arrived in Ciampino Aeroporto in Rome and paid 4 euros (times 1.5 for Brunei dollar) for a bus ride to go to the city centre.

To be real honest, I was a bit underwhelmed with the scenery from the airport to the city. There were graffiti arts everywhere. Not the professional type. It's the vandalism type. Was a bit disappointed, but... I had hope. (I was sitting next to a cute Italian in the bus, so that made up for the disappointment)

Because of the flight delay, it was almost sundown when we arrived at our hotel (just across the Termini - the main terminal in Rome). In terms of where we wanted to go, we could only go as far as 30 minutes taxi ride.

First thing first: PASTA HUNT!

Look at that SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE. Dio mio!

The Halal restaurant is just below our hotel. It's pretty good for my first time in Italy, but I expected more.

Then we decided to go for a walk around Rome to discover more places.


It was only 5-7 minutes walk from Termini (Terminal in Rome).

and then the COLOSSEUM (15 minutes walk)

The view was breathtaking, surely. 

I realised that Rome, in general, in my opinion wouldn't be a pleasant city without the landmarks. So I think it's a good idea if you have places you want to visit specifically when you're in Rome.

But again, never miss the food. That's probably the best part of being in Italy.

We visited this small place selling Gelato (Gelatone) and let me tell you. I was speechless. It. Was. Amaziiiiiiiiing.

No worries, I will blog more on some of the food I tried throughout my trip.


Last place of visit: Trevi Fountain

Yes, you guys... It's that wishing fountain you see in the movies When in Rome & Lizzie McGuire the movie. *throws a bag full of coins for endless wishes*

What a day, that was. Started off bad, but it ended well. Alhamdulillah... we went straight to bed, all of us.


Time for some survival tips in Rome:
1) 5-6 people told me that pickpockets are very common in Italy. Be alert with your items.
2) I'm not sure if this is just me, but people like to STARE you down everywhere here.
3) Universal adapter, power bank, all the essential items.
4) Ciao, grazi, uno dos tres quatro, prego, quantro costa? (Learn some Italian peeps).


The next day, we headed for Pompei. Will blog Day 2 soon in a day or two.


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