Akhmal Travels: Amsterdam, Holland

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There's just so many things to love about Amsterdam. The people, the scenery, the goose (no, I am not making a goose joke I've had enough, but I just gotta include it). 

We arrived in Eindhoven Airport (not Schipol Airport which is closer to Amsterdam) because RyanAir, being a budget airline, decide to throw you further from the main airport - you know, just so you could pay the price for being frugal. That ultimately means, spending a tad bit more cash on bus and train to Amsterdam. Despite throwing Euros on these transportations, overall, they're still cheaper than the flight directly to Schipol. The train ride wasn't bad either. Again, people were considerate and nice, and the view of the countryside was very green and clean.

After our arrival in Centraal Station, you'll be greeted by (mostly) bikes and trams. And I mean LOTS of them. We purchased 2-day ticket here, because that's the ultimate ticket right there, if you know you're going to explore the city a lot.

Here's Sheefah looking so FLY. We travelled together, together with my DY friends, from here onwards. She's an amazing travel company to have.

Despite the unpronounceable street names, Amsterdam wasn't so hard to navigate. Mainly because all the good things were not so far from each other. Google map FTW. Again, we decided to go to the "children-friendly" hotspots... first.

I had my own targets.

This was probably the only place that required no ticket and no long queue. Yes, being the bookworm that I am, I tried to find this bench and I couldn't help but to (to put it in a book lovers vocabulary) FANGIRL over this bench when I found it. 

If you know John Green, this bench is THAT bench in The Fault in Our Stars. Yes, people. Yes. Interesting how this bench wasn't there and was completely fictional. Due to popular demands though, it was put there permanently.

Of course I carved my name there, just like hundreds others.

And then, following that, I've been meaning to go to another literary character's place: Anne Frank

Oh my god. The queue. The long queue.

My god.

Ain't nobody got time for that. We could've bought the tickets online, but I hesitated somehow. I don't remember how much it costs though. There's just no chance of going in. Nope.

But I did take a photo with the statue. That's something, right?

and... hehee... did write something on the tree directly in front of Anne Frank's house


Moving on.

Things did go slightly naughtier afterwards. Amsterdam is the city of Freedom, and after learning its history from a guide, now I know why and where it came from. So, we took the opportunity to visit the wicked Muse du Sexe in Damrak. Ooh. What an experience, indeed.

We took the canal cruise ride at night, and yes, I highly recommend taking it at night. The view's better, in my opinion.

Overall, Amsterdam is beautiful. I'd live here. Definitely. DEFINITELY.

Survival tips in Amsterdam:
1) Most places require tickets. Have your cash ready, or if there's an online ticket, go ahead. It could be cheaper and definitely would not need to queue.
2) You need not worry about being involved in an accident with a car. With a bicycle? YES! Careful where you stand on the road side. You could be standing on a bicycle lane.
3) Virtually everything's unpronounceable in Amsterdam. Learn the streets name so it'll be easy for you to navigate.
4) No need for taxi. Buy a day ticket, and you have unlimited access to the trams, trains and buses.
5) Feeling slightly naughty? Try the space cake ;)

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