Akhmal Travels: Keukenhof Gardens, Holland

I admit, I am not a big fan of botany. I've had enough of that in my A'level years (Sorry Ms. Salwana, I know you're a big fan! This post is dedicated to you and Nazirah Azmin). But hey! I've heard so much of Keukenhof, it's part of our itinerary in Holland and it's Spring season, so why not.

This one took us about an hour to reach, quite a distance from Amsterdam city centre, actually.

But it's beautiful, go ahead, take a look :)

Beautiful. It's rather a different view from all my previous travelogs. Oh, as per usual, there are tickets online.

The place is quite huge actually. It did take us 2 hours to go around (if you include all the constant admiration of the tulips and "take my photo here and here and here")

And then there were the things Holland's famous for...

Well hello there llamas...

...and you

Our outfits of the day were on point, thank God.

The ASOS kimono. I love it. You gotta know what to bring and mix-and-match when you travel with only one small luggage! I only brought 4-5 clothing pieces with me for my 2 weeks travel in 3 countries. That's a survival thing.

Overall, the Tulip Garden was a nice break from the cities. A good family-friendly place. 

Shoutout to the people in Amsterdam - very VERY friendly and for sure, I'd go there again. See you in GREECE on my next travelog ;)

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