Akhmal Travels: Milan, Italy

I'm finally home after a heavy two-week travel. That was an adventure, indeed. Time to blog!

Last destination for my trip in Italy- the fashion capital itself: Milan, Italy.

What a wrong day to arrive in Milan. It was on a Sunday. Not only that, it was Easter Day. Everyone was busy in Vatican City seeing the Pope doing his thang. Most shops were closed. Yikes. Didn't know Italians take Easter more seriously than Christmas.

Nevertheless, we tried our luck and visited the centre of Milan, where the famous Duomo di Milano's located.

Some shops were open, alright. But most of our targets: Emporio Armani, Versace, Louis Vuitton - were closed. Thank GOD I got that new Armani eyewear in Venice.

Milan. What can I say about Milan? Oh yes. The people. They themselves were the landmarks. I mean, hello! Fashion capital! Most were so well dressed. 

I felt so underdressed, have you seen me? I'm plastic bag realness!

whatever. I'm still beat.

Anyway, back to Milan. It was also my first time seeing a cathedral that has banners of famous fashion labels on it. HAHA. I find it amusing still.

What I really love about Milan was definitely the fact that the city felt so alive. You hear music everywhere: live singing, orchestra in fine restaurants, a group of youth dancing in the piazza, it was a fine city to be in. (...and the architecture and fashion houses, obvi). If I had to compare Milan with Rome, I'd pick Milan in a heartbeat.

What I didn't like, though, was the people who were selling things on the streets. Note that these sellers didn't appear to be Italian. They looked more central-west Asians. At one point, they ran away from the shopping centre as soon as they heard one of them saying "polizia" (I was enjoying another Gelato when I witnessed this - me and Gelato I just can't I swear). Be careful with these people. They'd say things like "It's free" and tie a bracelet around your wrist, but trust me: it ain't free. They'll chase you down until you give them one euro.

It didn't happen to me, though. I had my best RBF on all the time. Just don't acknowledge them, even as simple as "hello." We all have that one travel companion who acknowledges EVERYONE and instantly becomes a victim. LOL.

Speaking of shopping centre, there's a galleria next to the Duomo: Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele. Let me tell you- despite the shops being closed, it was a beautiful sight to see.


I'm sure there were a lot more places/things to visit/see in Milan. Unfortunately, I had to wrap up early because I had an early flight back to London from Malpensa Airport. Nevertheless, my trip around Italy was crazy amazing. There were so many things I witnessed for the first time, I learned new things and surely it was an amazing experience, overall. But it would be nothing without the company I had with throughout my travel. Always have the best travel companions with you, you guys!

On to my next travel: Amsterdam, Netherlands. Will blog again InshaAllah, just stay updated on my Instagram (@akhmal.aiman) for instant updates.

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    1. hahaha demanding fan sorang ani. hahahaha