Akhmal Travels: Venice, Italy

Heading far north-east to the undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities I've been to so far: Venice, Italy.

Some say that it's dirtier than they expected. Actually, it's not entirely dirty. Venice is actually considered "clean", compared to the previous cities I've been to in Italy. Maybe perhaps except for dog piss: they do take a piss here and there, and the stench's quite unbearable sometimes. The water appeared greenish-blue though, but not even one trash was spotted: maybe perhaps beer cans on the ground, but that doesn't make it any different than any other cities. 

The weather was perfect when we were there. It was sunny and cool. What I love as well is how every alley's accessible. Thought they'd be dodgy especially at night, but shockingly enough, there are bars full of people hidden within these alleys.

We even found fashion labels when we were lost in the alleys. Hard Rock Cafe's also there.

(View in front of Hard Rock Cafe)

Eghhh.. It's so beautiful and romantic, made me depressed at one point. That "gosh why am i singllleeeee" lol. Would definitely go back here with a partner.

Venice has 117 small islands and they're all interconnected by 409 bridges. Amazing isn't it? We wanted to see the Rialto bridge but it has been under construction for months now. Bummer. 

Of course, the grand canal, you can go around with the water bus: day tickets are available, but they're quite expensive (single trip is much much more expensive). Do travel around a lot, i.e. "island hopping", in Venice for the ticket to be worth it.

And of course we took the famous Gondola ride! 80 euros per ride (45 minutes). Because there were 5 of us, we divided the cash. Quite worth it, if you ask me, because every moment's a photo moment (but most of my pictures were blurry eugh).

Finding food isn't hard here in Venice. Apparently the people here like to feed you. The amount of restaurants, bars and gelato places are everywhere it's hard to miss them.

Magnum ice-cream is one of them. It's a must for you to visit! This is where I had my first customised Magnum ice-cream.

This shop is just across the central station. Just cross the bridge and you'll see it!

Look at that goodness.

"A day without pleasure, and the day is lost." WORD.

Oh! There were venetian costume shops EVERYWHERE and I was so SO tempted to enter and tried every single thing in there. It's one of those masquerade-party-venetian-taylor-swift-love-story-belle-dancing-in-the-moonlight things.

I love Venice. Absolutely love Venice.


Survival tips in Venice, Italy:
1) Try the Italian food here, especially the large ass pizza for 13 euros.
2) Day trip ticket for water buses


Will blog my last city in Italy soon. Just keep updated, as usual. I've been sick on my travel, but I'm surviving. I'm currently in Athens, Greece

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