Akhmal Travels: Santorini, Greece (Part 1)

I may have two coursework assignments to submit and two exams coming up, but this is work. This travelog is crucial. Let's get on with it.

This time, it will be divided into two parts, because believe me... this was the highlight of the whole trip. The HIGHLY ANTICIPATED travelog (now yall can stop nagging. lol! kidding)

Santorini, Greece

That island I didn't expect to go EVER in my life (after Bora Bora).

Didn't take us so long from Athens. It was a 50-minute domestic flight. We decided to stay here for two days, because we needed it. We were lucky enough to see the sunrise in the plane and the view was breathtaking.

Getting around in Santorini wasn't difficult. Bus is most definitely the cheapest and most convenient. If you're feeling more adventurous, you can rent your own car or an ATV. 

We stayed in a cute place in Oia, the northern-most part of Santorini (transfer at Thira). The place is called Marcos Rooms. It's not hard to navigate around in Oia. There's a tourist information office at the bus terminal.

Words cannot describe the view here. It's out of this world. 

Just like any other places in Santorini, this is where you'll get to see the blue-domed churches you see on postcards. You'll get to see more of it throughout the post at other places.

We decided to venture around the island of Santorini, since the towns are just 30 minutes away from each other.

Being the centre of everything, we went to the town of Fira for a quick pit stop.

This was where we had more gelato (of course!). A lot of shops can be found here. It's recommended to stay here, actually. It's better. 

Another bus trip to the beaches! Perissa Beach. Famous for its "black sand", deposits from the nearby volcanic island (they're just gravel, really). But it was nice to stay there for a bit. Cold blue water, hot black sand. I guess it's a volcanic island thing.

Moving further south, off to the Red Beach! Another 30 minutes bus ride.

A completely different view this time.

Literally red beach. Another volcanic island thing. It was quite a trek to go here. It's beautiful though! 

Back to Oia! We couldn't miss the sunset, of course.

Before that, I was geeking out because it's in Oia that I wanted to visit this famous bookstore. It's on my bucket list! I told all my travel companions about it. I was so stoked when I found it!

And then, I found this bookstore with a cute storekeeper. *sigh* Santorini, why so romantic? I swear... I'd live in there. It has a bed, a kitchen, what not. It's a dream place to live/work!

...and did I mention the storekeeper was cute?


Moving on!

The sunset is apparently quite famous here in Oia. Indeed there were a lot of people when we arrived. 

But when that sunset arrived, I turned so emotional. I cried. I literally cried watching the sunset. Never did I know such view could do such a thing to someone's emotion. It was undeniably the most beautiful sunset I have ever witnessed in my entire life. I was so lost deep in my thoughts (while listening to Oh Wonder - only the most PERFECT music to listen to). I don't know how the sunset did that. It was definitely worthwhile. 

It was a beautiful way to end my trip around Europe during easter break.


More on Santorini (Part Two) on Fira & island hopping next week! :)

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    -Your Chanel owner

    1. I was playing the shy introverted role, I couldn't ask for a photo. hahahaha

  2. Is it expensive in Santorini?

    1. Not exactly. It's affordable. The bus single trip didn't cost us more than 3-4 euros, if I'm not mistaken. Our budget hotel was quite cheap, unless you're planning to go for a lavish honeymoon, it's another story. The food is probably the pricey bit, though, you gotta HAVE TO try fine dining in Santorini. You cannot NOT try the fresh seafood there.

  3. The scenery is so beautiful. Take me there hahahaha

    1. I'd definitely bring you there! One for me wasn't enough.