Akhmal Travels: Santorini, Greece (Part 2)

The experience in Santorini was, indeed, blue. The colour, literally, not the metaphorical “I’m so blue” blue. Although I could consider the latter when the going gets tough, especially since I have been to the most romantic places with no bae. (Imagining bestie Sarah’s voice: “Akhmal, can you not?”)
bae : εραστής (ae-ras-tees) n. a Greek translation for 'too bad Akhmal has none of that!'

With that in mind, I decided to go for an adventure around the island of Santorini, looking for some kind of treasure. Be it something, or SOMEONE (“Akhmal, can you not?”)

Of course, what better way to travel, than with your own tourist-infested pirate ship from the port in Fira. Har-di-har-har! I had neither pirate hat nor eye patch, but I had my shades and hat with me – close enough.

First destination in finding a potential Greek bae: an… active volcanic island? That could potentially blow up anytime any day? Gasp. (It’s part of the cruising package I just had to follow where they were taking me!). On we go to the top of the volcano: Nea Kameni Island!

Nope. No bae. Nada. No hot springs, no fantasy resort, no Tom Hiddleston. But hey, might as well enjoy the view while you’re at it.

Climb to the summit of an active volcano: I can tick that off my bucket list! Another day, another achievement.

The hunt didn’t end there! Off to another island! Perhaps, a good hot spring would be a good place to find one (“Akhmal, can you not?”)

Nope. Nothing. I was done hunting by then. We sailed back to the beautiful island of Santorini, feeling blue once again. Just like this donkey back in Fira.

I know how it feels, donk. Consider yourself lucky, donk. You have people sit on your back, and I still have none (“AKHMAL CAN YOU NOT?”). Oh well… souvenirs would do (cause that’s where they’re cheap, apparently).

(Something about that view reminds me of Cinque Terre)

But hey… Who needs a bae when you have food, right? Yeap! Ended the night with some good ass expensive seafood lobster fish prawn calamari (spaghetti?) realness! 

(Dear Sarah, just so you know, I was remembering you when I was savouring my foo-Nope. I didn’t. I was enjoying my food so much.)

Anyway, all jokes aside, Santorini was BEAUTIFUL. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have experienced being there even for just a few days. I’d like to thank my travel companions. I told you, travelling with me is always a win-win situation. You get to learn a few tricks on camera angles and lightings AND some good photos, and I get to blog AND some good photos.

That ends our Easter vacation (*sobsob*) but hey, don’t be disappointed. I’ll update again next Monday.

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  1. I read the "donk" parts in Indonesian accent haha

    1. HAHAHAHAHA... Sabar ya dooooonnkkk~

  2. "AKHMAL CAN YOU NOT?" I went on LMAO reading this post. HEHEHE. It's too funny and I enjoyed reading this post as well as your previous ones. Will continue reading your posts. :)

    Your new reader,