True Colours (Holi Festival)

Show me your true colours,
In their blinding brightness.

I can only imagine the places where it had been,
And what it had done.

In unknown whereabouts and abandoned warehouses,
True colours.

Show me your true colours,
This unbearable lightness.

But I hold the thought, 
It's somewhere licking its paws,
Waiting for my call.

Then you let love in. 
I thought it was gone for good.

(Inspired by Studio Killers: Dangerous Fun x True Colours)

Photos from Holi Festival last April in University of Southampton. It was refreshing to see happy faces from everyone. Remember, that at the end of the day, regardless of our backgrounds, we all live by happiness and inspirations, not by disdain and dislikes.

Will blog more next week! :)

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