WSA Fashion Show 2016

This was totally an Anna Wintour moment. 

I got to sit on the VIP first row, free backstage access and free wine for... not for me, basically.

I was invited to attend WSA Fashion Show 2016 this year as part of the graduation collection done by BA Fashion Design & Textile undergraduates. I was there to support our very own Bruneian fashion designer, Humaira Zakaria. (Keep scrolling to see her collection).

The attire was semi-formal, so I decided to wear my signature black-and-white ensemble. Why not.

It was also my first time changing my vintage skinny jeans to a DIY ripped jeans. Because the colour was faded, I thought it was the right time to do it. It looked just nice.

The fashion show exhibited both womenswear and menswear collection. Knitwear was also featured.

Here are some of Humaira Zakaria's work.

No doubt, it's refreshing and youthful. Just what her brand is all about. Knowing her personal fashion aesthetics, the colour palette is totally outside her comfort zone. The result was amazing though! It's vibrant and 'out there'. And literally, that's what her collection was inspired from: A hijabi adventurer on-the-go. One who wanders and isn't lost. Very brave and unique, indeed.

I will be featuring her work in next week's post. Meanwhile, her Instagram is available for you all to see more (and also her process!): @hzno (IG)

Congratulations, Humaira Zakaria! I cannot wait to see more of your work in the future. Definitely a designer to watch. 


My favourite menswear had to be a collection by Belia Yu (IG: @heyu_menswear). Her work's inspired by the circus! Especially love the colour palette and the balance between heavy and light.

I'd own EVERY piece!


Here are some of my favourites from the show:

 (A political collection based on "Free the Nipple" movement initiated by "Rude Girl" RiRi/Rihanna, designed by Kirsty Mowatt (IG: @rudegirlldn). I will be featuring this collection in my next post, as well).


It was an amazing show overall. I will try my best to put the videos of the full show here once they are available from WSA's website.

The next post(s) will be more on WSA, both collection portfolio photoshoot for designers Humaira Zakaria & Kirsty Mowatt and some behind-the-scene moments, hopefully.


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  1. Amazing collections by such talented designers!

    1. very! I love most, if not, all of the collections!