Akhmal Travels: Shoreditch, London (Part 1)

Part One of our trio collaboration with Fifi H. Hasman of @therustictrove (www.therustictrove.com) and Mu'izz Khalid @myuizzu (a style blogger from www.wearriorinstinct.com)

This part I will be featuring exclusively Fifi's FILM PHOTOGRAPHY.

I've never ventured and invested into film photography because I'm one who heavily depends on post-processing, but let me tell you.

Film photography is GENIUS.

It really trains your eye on how you view your surroundings, to capture that one specific moment for that one specific FRAME.

So when you press the shutter, that's it. That's the PHOTO, and you can't erase that frame when it's done. 

Pretty genius, I tell you.

But it's worth it.

Look at these photos. The filters it comes with are brilliant!

Because you can't really manipulate the settings of the camera before shooting the frame, everything has to be done manually:  lighting, angles, depth. So you gotta have to take into account these things in order to get the shot.

For DIGITAL photography, (which I'm familiar with) you get the take the pictures again and again until you get the right shot. And you also get to manipulate the settings of the camera, e.g. exposure triangle: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, as well as, brightness and contrast, for which I'm highly familiar with. (I will be taking an Advanced Photography class this coming semester to sharpen my post-processing skills).

Fifi also mentioned that each film developer does it differently - so you gotta find the right one that fits your aesthetic and genre.

Fifi taught me so much about film photography and I was amazed by her work! Do check her out, everyone.

Oh! and yes, you must be asking what gear we carry for this collab?
Akhmal: Canon EOS 6D (dSLR Camera), EF 24-105mm IS USM Lens
Fifi: Canon AV-1 (SLR Camera), 35mm Lens 

Don't miss part two next week where I'll be talking about style and fashion with Mu'izz. Interesting style blog, indeed.

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  1. Fifi's works are BRILLIANT. As one who is so used to digital photography (though an amateur one at that), I don't think I'll ever have the nerve, guts and patience to take up film photography but the outcome is stellar. Cannot wait for the other installments of this collab!