Graduate Fashion Week Exhibition 2016

Our collaborative work made it to Graduate Fashion Week Exhibition 2016!

Neither Humaira (IG: @hzno) nor I expected this to happen, but yes, Humaira's modest fashion collection and my fashion photography made it to Graduate Fashion Week Exhibition 2016.

From 52 designers from WSA, only 7 womenswear designers were selected. And one of them was Humaira's collection! Portfolio also played a big part in getting a place in the exhibition and alhamdulillah, I am so happy I could help.

A little about Graduate Fashion Week 2016, it is where all fashion/art schools in the UK unite to showcase their work and have the best fashion students speak to the community about what they get to experience as graduates. Fashion shows also happen here where they showcase their graduate fashion collection. Another chance to get them business cards fly.

It was amazing to see the amount of people who dressed so well and for a moment, I felt like I belong there. I #lived! So many creative people it's both scary and overwhelming, but at the same time, undoubtedly inspiring!

Yes, you're looking at my fashion photography printed on Humaira Zakaria's business cards. Lol! Turned out amazing.

See more of our work below!

It was, indeed, refreshing to see my work on paper! And words cannot describe Humaira's success thus far in the UK.


Here are the some of the photos from Humaira Zakaria's modest fashion collection.

Just like what have been mentioned in my previous post, the collection is inspired by modest fashion wanderer-adventurer. 

The colour palette choice is such a risk, but it's definitely worth it. To see more of her work, you can go to her IG account (@hzno).

Once again, congratulations to Humaira for this success! All the hard work has paid off.


This has been so inspiring and we hope this project inspires Bruneian youth to succeed for the future of art.

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