Akhmal Travels: Shoreditch, London (Part 2)

After a one-month hiatus, I am back. The blogging schedule is starting to get irregular from now onwards, I'm sorry to say. A few updates on what's been happening last month. Well, a LOT of things have been happening. To start with, it's Eid. Salam Eid to all who are celebrating! I've been going to places here in Brunei, visiting relatives what not (constantly answering questions about my previous travel in Europe). Am also planning to go travel in September. I've never been to Indonesia before, so... who knows ;)

In addition to that, I've also been busy preparing things for a new semester! That includes UBD Performing Arts Club. I've been elected as the new Acting President of the club! yeay! And let me tell you... the amount of paperwork I had to do! I'm not complaining though. I enjoy it thus far. Not just sending e-mails, really, but I had to finish one full script for our upcoming production, had to design and edit loads of posters, had to do schedules and activity plans. It's a full-time job now. lol!

But more to that later on.


As I promised, oh dear. I promised "next week", turned out it's "next month". Anyway, here's the second part of our collaboration with Mu'izz Khalid (@myuizzu, style blogger of Wearrior Instinct) and Fifi H. Hasman (@fifihhasman, film photographer for @therustictrove)

Note that this post, unlike part one, is taken by yours truly. Entirely digital photography.

Shoreditch, East London was crazy hip. I love the industrial feel to it (y'all know, that's my favourite). Street + Industrial = Shoreditch.

Some of these artworks we found in small alleys. "Hidden treasures" alright.

Mu'izz and I were talking a little bit about our style aesthetics, and how they clashed at first. Muizz likes colours, and I don't (lol). Mu'izz's style is more of the preppy "good boy Oxford look", whereas I, I have that broke with an expensive taste "monochromatic-AlexanderWang-street-urban-industrial-experimental look".


So we did what artists like us do best - we improvised.

And you know what, it worked! Mu'izz is now experimenting more on urban style, you guys should find out more about his journey on Wearrior Instinct's website (www.wearriorinstinct.com). They have a new addition to the team too! They're close friends of mine, so do check them out ;)

Other than that, Shoreditch was a great place to venture for those who are into street and industrial atmosphere. You should give it a day visit while you're in London.

Finally, I'd like to thank Mu'izz Khalid, Fifi H. Hasman & Aisya Soffi for being a part of this collaboration. Hope to work will all of you again in the near future.


Unfortunately for me, this happens to be my last post for my travel in the UK & Europe (for now!). What to expect for these coming months? I'll be blogging more about my theatre work! I'll be giving my perspectives and sharing skills on theatre and acting. Also some other things. I am yet to do my Q&A (which will be my next post). Do follow me on Instagram (@akhmal.aiman) or Twitter (@akhmalaiman_) for instant updates.

Until then,


AA xx

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