TW!STED (2016)

Well well well. Look who's back after months of hiatus.

You must be wondering where I have been? Some of you may already know that I have been busy directing and writing for an original play that I had been working on for one full year. Well, that's what has been happening on my side. I made TW!STED (2016) happen.

I couldn't be anymore happier with my debut directing in theatre. I cannot thank UBD Performing Arts Club enough for their hard work. The success of the show was overwhelming the tickets were sold out within days! We also heard nothing but good reviews from the audience people have been requesting either for a third show or a TW!STED 2.0. lol.

But I am forever grateful, Alhamdulillah, my debut directing went really well :) Definitely motivates me to do more. I personally want to thank each and every member involved in the play. Couldn't do it without all of you.

Directing was stressful, indeed. Not only did I have to deal with 40 people, but I also had to balance it with my studies. 


On the side note, I was also involved in a car accident. I had my head stitched and my whole body full of bruises and cuts. I am left with nothing but scars. My mother was also involved in the car accident she ruptured her hip bone. We're recovering, no worries.

Tests and exams coming up! I just cannot wait til I'm done with degree. I need to travel again!

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