TW!STED (2016) Revealed (Part 2)

Alright, moving on to part two: Belle, Aladdin, Tinkerbell

Belle: This is probably not as controversial, but equally as messed up as the rest. Belle, or the story of Beauty and the Beast, deals with the issue of sociopathy and psychological disorders. Disorders closely associated with it being Antisocial Personality Disorder & Multiple Personality Disorder- demonstrated by both Belle and Beast. What's with society around her saying that she's crazy - people like Gaston and the Bimbettes. I also explored the idea of being an "animal" - widely used and accepted nowadays. I realised, from my own interpretation, that Beast is actually a mirror of Belle herself - her going to the empty palace to discover her true identity, her dark side. In the end, we know that Belle is THE animal in the story. In the play, if you were a part of the audience, there was a part where both Belle and Beast imitated each other's moves. The second part, I decided to divide the stage into two to show that relationship. And also, I used two characters for Belle, to fit the split personality story. Another idea that didn't make it was making Beast, the animal, to be one that is manipulative and destructive to Belle. Belle's story reminds me so much of Amy Winehouse's - her relationship with Blake. But, the idea is of Beast being a manipulative boyfriend is not concrete enough and it would take away the main storyline of Belle, as the play should. Not Beast's story. The symbolism of red rose is not explored in the play.

Aladdin: I had a huge difficulty with Aladdin, because he has two prominent messages that I wanted to explore, but I could only pick one. But let me share both interpretations. The first one (that I did not choose) is the idea of Aladdin being less masculine compared to the other princes by showing effeminate values. His image (strictly referring to his physique here), compared to the others, is not as "built" as the rest. Also, why is it that they choose to cover Aladdin's story instead of Jasmine's? Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and then... Aladdin? But I didn't like this idea because it is 80% my interpretation, and everything that I read didn't cover this idea of effeminacy much. In addition, this idea can be applied to other characters like Peter Pan and Kuzco. So, instead, I touched upon the idea of power, which is also prominent in the storyline. In line with the idea of effeminacy, Aladdin chose to focus on his skills more compared to his looks (because he had none of that in the first place. He cute though? lol ok). Because he started off as a street rat in the market, barely surviving, so he chose to train his skill, specifically, his pickpocketing skill. He craves for power... and wealth. That's what the magic lamp is for. The magic lamp, to me, symbolises two things: wealth (the gold colour) and his inner voices (the genie) saying to go for what he wishes. I had one member of the greek chorus to give him the gold mask in the play. Another item in the play that is gold in colour is King Triton's trident. I chose King Triton (from The Little Mermaid) because compared to Aladdin, he is a powerful male figure (the other being Zeus from Hercules). Throughout the play, Aladdin comes in and dreams of being King Triton himself. That's why he chose to marry Jasmine, so he would get the prince title. But, in the play, I chose Jasmine to be the one who speaks the truth to Aladdin, revealing his true colours.

Tinkerbell: This is my favourite. I chose Tinkerbell over Peter Pan because her story is SO powerful, she was one of the first few who inspired me to do this play in the first place. I want you to look closely at her image or how she is portrayed in the movie. She is silent, her dress is revealing, and she wears a bell around. She is a representation of the role of women is society. Let's look at each idea. Silence = The voice of women in society is most often silenced by men. Dress = Just like Cinderella, the less is more, for the eyes of heterosexual men. Small = Women's role is small. Bell = In some culture, one who wears a bell around means you're an available prostitute to hire. Don't believe me?

So I chose her to be the powerful one in the play. I picked "Like a Boy by Ciara" because come on. That song is SO suitable. And I had her change role with King Triton! During the last scene, I had her to give a light (signifies hope) to the other characters, after being played by Walt Disney. She is such a powerful character.

In the second to last scene, we had Aladdin, Belle and Cinderella on the lower stage holding the mask that signifies their image as portrayed in their respective movie, with Beast, Prince Charming and Jasmine on the upper stage. I had Aladdin, Belle and Cinderella chanting the words of things that they crave for, with the mood of tone shifting from one that is happy (as their mind is clouded by the things they want) to one that is of pain (realising their true identity). In this particular scene, I adapted the maxim Three Wise Monkeys: "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." because if you learn the proverbial principle, it means that they are ignoring undesirable information. Of course, I altered it to become more twisted. As Beast, Prince Charming and Jasmine represent the voices of truth,  by saying things like "it's just an illusion", Aladdin, Belle and Cinderella couldn't ignore these undesirable information no longer and it hurt them. Later, realising that yes, they are all TW!STED, and automatically became victims of Walt Disney's so-called "scheme". Not just the characters, but also as viewers, as tackled in the closing scene. Why are we so drawn to these movies and yet so blind to see the dark side of it? We have fallen to become the victims of Walt Disney's game.

So, to sum up, this play questions things like: Why were these things done? What was Walt Disney's intention? It makes you think though, right? As you should.

There's TW!STED for you. Whether you got to watch it or not, I hope you enjoy this. :) DON'T FORGET TO DROP SOME COMMENTS OR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENT SECTION, I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR OPINIONS.

See you soon!

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